Who made you clothes?

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Laura - Behind the Hedgerow inviting me to join other fellow bloggers in a Fashion Revolution. We're all asked to wear and post a handmade item inside out on the 24th of April and ask brands/retailers, ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’

Abby from All Things Boys, Celina from Petit a petit and family, and Laura from Beyond the Hedgerow have joined forces with Fashion Revolution to get out the word of their movement. Visit their blogs to read more about this event. 

Last year a factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1133 people. Next month will be the first anniversary since it happened. So in honour of these people that lost their lives, because of the precary condicions they were forced to work under, let's all take the pledge and have a revolution. 


  1. thanks for posting this Magda! It's such a great cause


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