Glimpse of our last week #17

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

It was a pretty ordinary week. No big events, no big things done. Shopping for food, eating deliciously, watching the first episodes of Grey's Anatomy's season 11... I got my birthday present a little earlier the day. Spent most mornings at V.'s work place, cuddled my baby who by the way is holding his toys already. And, I've tested another pattern.


Suit for my baby boy

When I first knew about my niece's wedding, first thing I thought was "what will I sew us for the event?!" Yes, that's right! I was so happy to have an excuse to sew some fancy clothes than just the practical ones I've been sewing lately. 

A couple of weeks before the wedding I made the first outfit. And that first outfit was made for the smallest person in this house, my adorable  3m old baby boy. He looks just like a miniature man in his suit and everyone was melting over him. However, he wasn't so happy when I put it on for the first time. I was always a fan of little girls. Dresses and skirts and pretty things, after all, I learnt to sew as I created a full wardrobe for my barbie dolls as a child. Now that I have the chance to sew more often to a boy, I am surprised at how much I enjoy to do it. Before S. I would occasionally sew for my nephew but he wasn't really happy about the things I made him, and I totally understand why.

Back to the suit itself. Nahhhh, I didn't refashion this time. But I was able to use fabric from my stash. The main fabric is light grey with very thin white stripes. I bought it on sales, I guess this year already. For the vest lining I used purple satin I had left after an order (so, free fabric). For the inseam pockets and tie, I used scraps from an adorable quilt fabric. I bought the onesie for 1.99€ and that's all I spent to make it. Buttons were also in my stash forever.

Although I have a couple of vest patterns, none of them went all the way down to size 3M, but that's fine. I grabbed my favourite baby shirt pattern (used it here, here & here) and adjusted it in order to get a vest pattern. It couldn't be better. It was so easy and it's so tiny that I got it sewn in a blink of an eye.

I wasn't as lucky with the pants. I didn't have a pattern smaller than 6M with the design I was searching for, and I didn't care to draft my own this time. I had the perfect pattern, exactly what I wanted in size 6M. I guessed that would work, so I used a Burda pattern for this.

The onesie, as I said before, was store bought. All I had to do was cutting and patch a tie into it. It was a major success all through the party. I didn't try the whole thing on him until the day and as expected, the pants were a bit too large on him, but that's fine, he'll be wearing it for a little longer. The onesie was just the right size and I loved the see it on him. 


Glimpse of our last week #16

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I am one day late this week, but it was for a good reason. I spent the week preparing for our niece's wedding and I didn't even have the time to schedule this post on friday because, as I usually do, I was way too busy finishing my dress and my daughter's. The wedding was yesterday and it was beautiful. I will post about the pieces I made fot the event as soon as possible. We had very rainy days but before they came, it was quite hot and we still enjoyed a bit of the beach. On dad's day off, we went to another town nearby and G. enjoyed their playgrounds too. After school, I've been tryng to dedicate a bit more time to her, we did faces collages. S. is getting easier. I am doing a make over to G.'s room, the kids will share the room and we've been changing it bit by bit. I was able to redo one of the square shelves (it was purple and now it's red), and I have been organizing her closet and putting clothes away to donate. Also, I got to read a little which I didn't in a long time and I dyed my hair for the wedding. Full week! 


Signature Style |PR&P10|

Yet another week and I'm so glad that I was able to have a look to share with every theme from this season of Project Run & Play. After completing two outfits for the girl, it was only fair to get too done for the boy too. If you missed last weeks look click through the images below and it will take you there.


I love Signature Style week. For the first seasons that I sewed along I felt lost and trying to determine what my style is. I am so sure I found it already. And the outfit I am sharing today has it all. First of all, I refashioned. Well, if you can call using the leftovers from pieces you've cut in previous refashions a new refashion of its own, than yes, that's what I did. I used scraps from the black t-shirt I've used to make the briefs, leftovers from a white t-shirt and half leg pieces from a pair of red leggings that I had cut and use as shorts for a couple of years. Oh, I also used tights... Ah!

I started this  with the pants. S. really needed a few and this was a nice comfy knit I could use for him. It was in my stash forever and it wasn't much soI figured I should use it while he's still so little. I drafted these after some existing ones but I messed up while cutting and they got a little too tight. His sister's tights were using to create the cuffs, they are a very light grey. 

Then I did the shirt. I wanted to use light grey for the sleeves but I didn't have any =( so white it is. And then I realised I used the red-white-black combination again! My signature all over, right?! I used the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee Shirt for the pattern, it is the my 3rd and all of them look pretty different (you can see the one I did for G. and the first I did for S.)... This one, has a bitof piping crossing the bodice just because the black fabric wasn't enough to cut the front piece so, I pieced it and used piping to create a design instead of crying over it. I have added the pocket again because I sthink it looks so cute!!! I did the 3M this time and sleeves are a bit too long for him, but all the rest fits just right. This is my favourite shirt for babies because of the snaps in the shoulder. I also love that it starts at 3m because most patterns I own start at bigger sizes and that's annoying when you want to sew for such a tiny person, right?!


September Wrap Up

I can honestly tell you that I didn't feel this month passing by. When I realised, it was October already.  I love October, it is the month I was born, and I believe this month will go so much better here in this blog. 

So, what was up last month?! Not much... I was in the pattern tour for the Tinley Tee and Love me knot shorts by GYCT... was a guest over Crafting Con creating a daily wear look inspired on Princess Sofia from Disney... and, I was also part of the series Sew Many Books. Click in the images to take you to the original posts. 

I skipped the Pinterest Challenge this month, I was too busy working for the tours and guest posts to care to cross any pins from my list. I guess I won't make it every month... but I will, every now and then. It's always better than nothing. 

I'll leave you with the glimpses from our weeks... If you missed any and want to sneak - again - just click the images. 



Glimpse of our last week #15

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

It was a nice week, I can't complain. My baby is growing and it seems he's been calm more often than before. He had his crying moments every now and then, but he did allow me to sew. Gosh, I needed that so badly. Most of all, I've been sewing for him. He can grab his pacifier already. She had her nails painted red because last week she went to a cousin's to play and she came back with very pink nails... do I need to say more? She heard me saying I dislike pink and she requested some red instead. Oh, I wore make up. I just woke up one day and thought I should. I didn't do that for months. I felt pretty for a day, which is something I didn't for a while. We have an art wall in our living room and she loves to hang her drawings and having me taking photos to it. She doesn't play with baby dolls... at all... so when she brought this one to me, I wondered why. I sorted through some clothes than were away to see if any would fit S. already. Some time for my own. 


the Boggie Boggie outfit... or so daddy said

Sewing series, tours, contests or sew alongs are my very favourite thing. And I love to take part in all of them for the fact that they motivate me to get things done. You might have noticed that this blog has been kinda slow lately... if it wasn't for the weekly glimses, it would be a desert blog. If you paid attention, the latest items I have blogged about were made either for a tour or a serie, etc.

Project Run & Play - season 10 - is running and I always enjoy to sew along with their themes. This season though, I haven't sewn specifically for PR&P. I had the themes in mind and combined them to other challenges I have been sewing for. I have mentioned countless times that my baby is a crying one, not often allowing mom to sew. In the little periods that he'd nap, he would wake up screaming to the sound of the machine. The last couple of days though, he has been an angel and mom has finally been able to accomplish a few items that were on the list. 

More than anything you will still see a lot of outfits made for a serie, or a tour... (yes, there will be a few things coming until the end of the year), I will often test a pattern if I get lucky to be selected... Today though, I am blogging about something that I did without any other than PR&P theme in mind. 

So, enough blah blah blah. This is the third week already, and the theme is denim. Again, what a great motivation it was. I spent a few weeks telling myself (and hubby) that S. needed some new pair of denim pants, but time was passing and I didn't do them until this week. It's not something really original, but it's what we needed and I am determined to sew clothes that my kids need instead of sewing endless pieces that will never be worn after the photoshoot. 

Last Sunday, after putting the kids to sleep, I drafted the pattern from a pair of existing jeans from his sister (and they have the fly sewn the right way for a girl which is rare). I only did the waistband differently, using a knit waistband because he has reflux and things should not be too tight around his waist. And honestly because it was so much easier to do! 

The pants have functional front and back pockets, and front and back leg pieces aren't sewn together in the center, instead it has a snaps closure on them to allow a quicker diaper changing, a feature that I really appreciate. Sewing this style of baby pants was a first time for me, without a pattern or any instructions and it worked so much better than I expected. I get so happy over those little things. I used left overs from a pair of adult jeans that were probably cut into shorts before. It was just enough for the little man's pants and I was able to use the original hem.

So, I had the pants. Now I needed something to go with it. I first thought about making a shirt I had just tested, but my little man will be 3M on the 2nd, and this pattern's smaller size was a 6-12M. I then thought about a AC-Snappy Tee because it starts at 3M (and I have actually finished one a few days ago - will be blogged soon - I made this one and this one before) but although that is a quick sew, I needed something easier, so I refashioned a plain white onesie that came from a friend. I had just come across this post and had to try something similar. I checked through my felt stash and improvised a little green monster with pretty much three of everything. I handstitched it to the onesie and my baby's new outfit was complete. When daddy saw it, he called it the boggie boggie outfit. So be it. I am sure  he'll wear both pieces to the max as long as they fit.

oh... and forgive the fact that I didn't iron the onesie before photos! I forgot!
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