Glimpse of our last week #13

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I come a little late this week. Somehow I didn't realise it was Saturday already (even though, technically it will be past midnight hen I hit publish here, so it's Sunday alreasy) until a couple of minutes ago. I lost most of my photos this week. I can't find my camera's battery charger and I have been taking photos with my cell phone. The problem is that it is new and accidently I've erased almost all photos from this week. Here's some from the ones I was able to save. 
This week I was able to finish a new outfit for G., it will be part of a series post and we did a quick photoshoot with the (photo in the middle of collage) background... I loved it. We had our usual family time out at a park, mostly everyday (and we will as long as the weather still allows us to). We often go to daddy's work too (picture of the beer bootle caps - she loves to make up games with them). 
And, I have been trying to figure out ho to make a dress for myself to ear at a wedding. It will be Oct. 11th and I still haven't started... Oh geeezzzzz!!!!


CraftingCon Princess Sophia from Disney

Yesterday my entry for the CraftingCon series as a guest poster was up. Here's a link to it (click image below), in case you've missed it!


Glimpse of our last week #12

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I haven't collected too many photos of our days for the last two weeks. There were good things going on, and here I have compiled a few photos from the best things. September 1st my daughter started daycare again, the previous night my niece slept over because later on the first we had a birthday party to go to, where my G. had so much fun. I offered some more fun fruit desserts to my daughter and I also made some home made mini pizzas. They were a huge success. We had three days away from home. We didn't go on holidays for years, it was the first time for my kids. We were a little apprehensive because S. is so young but it went great and we had a lot of fun. 


August Wrap Up

I haven't blogged in august as much as I have the previous months in which I sewed like crazy and always had something new to share. Nope! August lacked on projects done around here. I've been away from my machine and it starts to bother me, but first things first and S. still needs me at 100% all the time. Otherwise, he'll cry!

Most of all, there were glimpes of our weeks to show you... 

Click any photo to take you to the origal post if you'd like to. 

Apart from that there was a baby shoes refashion, and t-shirts turned into girl's briefs.


Heidi from Elegance & Elephants hosted her Knock off series again, and I have sewed along - actually blogged along because my project was made in July. 

And, there was a few no sewing related project coming up too, in my personal Pinterest Challenge




Tinley Tee and Love Me Knot Tour

When Chelsea from Get Your Crap Together invited me to her pattern tour I didn't have to think much. I jumped in right away. I had the opportunity to work with Chelsea before in several ways and I just couldn't say no again. 

When the themes for Project Run & Play were announced, I hadn't sewn my two pieces yet. That was great, I thought I could do both things in one, and I went looking for inspiration. The first theme's 80's cartoons and my oh my, I was a child from the 80's and as soon as I googled them, there were so many I wanted to get inspired by... after all, my pick was:

I had something to work with now. I love to sew with a theme. And started sketching something. I wanted to make an outfit, mixing Popeye's & Olivia's clothes colours: red, black, blue and yellow in it. But I was going to refashion and I was limited to what I had. When searching in my pile of refashioning clothes, I was happily surprised with s women sized t-shirt with sailor prints. How great was that? I couldn't even remember I had it. I was using denim for the shorts, but then I found this suit with a very cool print in it, and I knew I wanted it as the future Love Me Knot Shorts for my daughter. After I finished both pieces, I didn't like to see them together, so I paired each of them with store bought clothes, and did two different photoshoots. The shorts one didn't go that well, we went to a birthday party at an amusement park, and because of that, she was just too excited to pose. The shirt photoshoot was actually done by dad and they had so much fun together.

Let's start with the Tinley Tee. This has become one of my favourite patterns and I am sure I will turn into it a lot from now on. Not only it has a perfect fit, it is super easy and quick sew. It comes with four sleeve options  - short sleeve, long sleeve, gathered cap sleeve and flutter sleeve, (isn't that great?!) and the option for a regular hem or a banded hem. 

I did the cap sleeve option and the banded hem one. I used the original t-shirt for front, back and neck pieces. For sleeves and back I used leftovers from (the sleeves) man's shirt I used back here. The only changes I made to the pattern was the band. My lenght is different because I used what I had to save time. 

And then the shorts... I did a few changes to the original shorts instructions. I didn't make any changes to the actual pattern pieces, but I did sew them differently. I made a knit band waist instead. The darts on the back pieces worked perfect for this. I had a little fabric left from the t-shirt I had cut and it would be perfect for what I had in mind. No waste, I was able to use every bit of it. 

Instead of gathering the shorts on the hem and attach the bias, I tried something different, and I did a regular hem, and added the bias only on the sides. At first I wasn't so sure if I liked the changes I made. You know when sometimes you risk to do something different and then you regreat it? Well, it was almost the case. But once my daughter wore it, I liked to see it on. 

Just like the shirt, the shorts are a super quick and easy sew. Perfect for begginers, or people like me, who have a new baby keeping you from spending lots of time on your sewing activities. This was a bonus for me at the moment. 

Grab the Bundle for less

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Pinterest Challenge |Pin 2 & 3 - August|

Today is the last day of August and I am happy to say that I have cross 4 pins out of the 6 I've listed as "wish to do" for the month. I have showed you the first one last week, and today I am bringing 2 more. Uhmmm? Didn't I mention 4? Well, yes! The fourth was done but my batery died and I have no photos to show you yet, I can't pass them to the laptop until later. And actually, I might get by the end of the day with 5 pins crossed, because i am hoping to make the maracas with G. today too. 

So, the second pin crossed from the list was making a fun dish for G. I tried, but I consider this a fail. It wasn't that much interesting or beautiful after all, but my little miss really liked to eat her sandwish in heart shapes, and she loved that I gave her goji berries. She is crazy about them and eats them mostly every day. There is also plum in it. 

Anyway, after the master fail I tried it again later, and apparently I was feeling more inspired for this, since I got her a much more interesting dish. She loved it! She was waiting for her peanuts only, and instead I showed her a butterfly scene, with a flower and everything. Again, you can see some goji berries. didn't I just tell you that she loves them?! In fact I have made a 3rd one already, earlier today, but the photos are still on the machine too. 

The third pin I crossed from my list was the big sister and little brother photoshoot. It wasn't fancy because neither one of us (hubby and I) aren't professionals, we just wanted some nice shoots of both of them together in a reasonable good quality. We took many, it's not easy to have them both staring at us at the same time, or having S. not crying without his pacifier, or one that's not blurry, but we did get a few nice ones. Most likely I will print a couple to add to their room deco when I finally have a little time to dedicate to it.

I am sorry I edited this photo, I am not so comfortable sharing photos online, when their faces are showing as you've probably noticed if you've been following for a while.

The fourth pin crossed, was the puzzle. I will blog about it later, if I manage to keep it in mind...


Glimpse of our last week #11

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

It was a lovely week. We took G. to several parks in different places. Enjoyed our relax time as always, with a less crying baby for a change. At home, G. has been entertained with the everyday "toys". Ever since she was a baby she loves to play with the clothes pins. She made a sculpture out of them this time. She loves to play with my buttons too, she didn't for a while, so she was super excited. I gave her a huge sheet, a brush and paint and she did a piece of art. hehe

We visited daddy at his work and G. was so exausted after a while that she fell asleep on the floor. She keeps spreading her toys in the floor and argues it is for her brother to play with her when he grows. She loves that swing. My favourite fruit. Having fun with her cousins. My love got me a new cell phone. She's 3 and we're back to slinging around. I am slowly sewing again. Can't believe it! The reason why she must sleep alone!
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