Knock it off Series

This is probably my very favourite series from the sewing community! I wasn't going to participate this time, I haven't been sewing, but then it crossed my mind that I had just finished a knock off a few days ago. The Series are over by now, by I was able to add this project to the Flickr group before it ended, however, I am only able to blog about it right now. 

knock off 2014

This knock off was actually ordered by a costumer. Her little girl celebrated her 7th birthday on the 28th of July (same day nd age as my niece) and her mom threw her a Barbie themed partie. She wanted me to make her a tutu and a shirt like the one in the first photo but she requested a few things different. She wanted no bows in the shirt, the silhuette to be black instead of pink and an extra bow for her daughter's hair. 

I made a no sew tutu. I used the knots technique for the second time ever and this one turned out so much better. I might have to make a third for my daughter. She's been into Anjelina Ballerina and dances in her toes often... wouldn't she look adorable doing that in a beautiful tutu?

The t-shirt was my favourite! I searched for a Barbie silhuette online, this one was the one I liked the most, printed it, cut it out and used it as a pattern to cut it on my fabric. I added some interface to the fabric before I cut to make it easier, and then sewed into the t-shirt. Quick and easy with a perfect result. 

I have a friend whose little girl turned three on this very same day too and also had a Barbie themed party for her daughter. I wonder if she would have liked an outfit like this one... 


Glimpse of our last week #9

Yep! It comes a little too late this week again. Why? Well, my laptop went to the store to be fixed a week ago and they told me I would have it back the next day. Apparently the monitor they were sent to replace mine wasn't the right one, and because it was a holiday on friday, I only got it back yesterday! How I missed it!!!

This week went a little better than the last one. My sister borrowed me a monitor to check if my laptop was ok apart from the broken monitor. On the same day, we got a new tap in the kitchen and some new shelves in the kids closet. My daughter made art with some toys... hehehe... she said it was a birthday cake for me (although it isn't my birthday so soon). I drew for her and she painted and made some collages. She loved it by the way. Daddy did G.'s nails (hands and feet - lol). We went to the park, did I mention she loves the swings?! S. had good and bad days, in the bad days the sling was my best friend to keep him calm. G. enjoyed some time in the beach with my sister and her kids, when I joined them later that day, S. was able to be there for the first time too (of course he was not on the sand or sea, but still...). 


|AUGUST| Pinterest Challenge

This is where I post about pins I love and want to recreate, get inspired by to create something new, etc... and I hope to cross off, at least one pin per week. 

There was o Pinterest Challenge last month, you know why, right? But I decided to bring it back this month. I am not sure I will be able to cross them all out but at least I will do my best. There aren't no sewing projects this time. I need to keep things simple for me yet... - again you know why, I'm not going to tell again how much my baby is always crying... Because my daughter will be on holidays from day care until the end of the month, I need to make a few things with and for her... 
So, let's take a look at my pinspirations... 
#1 - make a puzzle with sticks (the pin teaches numbers, I plan to teach her her name) 
#2 - make a photo session with my two little ones

#3 - prepare some fun food dishes for her
#4 - make some maracas together

#5 - colour games
#6 - different ways to paint

And I have actually crossed one of these already. I will share all about it next Sunday, and who knows I might have crossed another pin from the list by then?!


Big Girls Briefs

Do you often forget to take pictures of a piece you plan to refashion before you actually cut it? It sure happens to me. I bought this t-shirt in a charity shop a few months ago and was just waiting for the opportunity to use it. I started cutting, and then I thought about taking the photo.

So, a while ago, I was one of Mama Nene's testers for her Big Girl Briefs pattern. I had been with the underwear sewing bug, and it was the push I needed to finally get something done. And that t-shirt was just perfect for it. For the front piece, I have used some scraps from a shirt I refashioned a while ago into a new one for my daughter. Can you see the little embroidered crown? A detail that was already in the original shirt and I thought it would be cute to use it. 

I tested the smallest size, which is 3 years, which is a little too big for my already 3 year old girl. So, although I really liked to use this pattern, I must wait a little longer until I make any new pairs. I plan to though. The pattern for this is awesome, I love the briefs shape. 

I loved the final piece so much, with the crown on the front and the pirate on the back... I can't actually wait until it fits her perfectly for her to start using it. I think I will save some of her stained t-shirts and see if they are ok to refashion into briefs. This is a very quick sew, and the perfect marriage for people who enjoys refashioning as much as I do. 


Giveaway Winners |Refashion Month|

I know it's been a while, |but sometimes life gets in the way| and I should have announced the winners already. For the big bundle winner, a random winner was picked, and if you are Brenda D. then congratulations! Just look at how many designers will give you one to three of their patterns. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, from our flickr group a winner was picked by votes. I and some of the guests from this season have voted for our favourite and although all of them got some votes, there was a clear winner...
Congratulations Michelle!!!
Your shirt into dress refashion was a winner from the start!


Glimpse of Our Last Week #8

Yes, it comes a little late this week, but there is a reason. My daughter accidentaly dropped my laptop on the floor and the monitor broke. We do have an old computer in our house that I could use, but it's so slow and it's place isn't the best to sit with an eye on the kids, so I just haven't been online that often. Only quickly checked some e-mails and comments.

Anyway... this wasn't an easy week. G. is on holidays and although she spent the first days of the week away, then I had to deal with both kids at home on my own 24/7 and I just felt too tired. We started the week with S. going to the urgency room because he had some fever and they had him checked right away. They took his blood to check too but everything came back normal, we don't know what caused the fever. Sleep has been a rare thing here, so I often just lay down with him on top, that's one of the few ways he stops crying 8did I mention he cries a lot?). One of these days, as always, G. refused to nap, and then while playing, she just felt asleep on the floor. Shoes from yesterday hurt her foot, she cried and screamed like someone was killing her. The only creative thing I was able to do last week, was painting with G.... more about that in a next post. 


Refashioned baby Shoes

Here's a no-sew refashion for a change. I got my baby boy a new pair of shoes, do you like them?

One evening, pretty late, and while still pregnant, I looked at these shoes. They have been in the family for quite a while - as many of my kids clothes and shoes - these particular ones, belonged first to my nephew, then were passed on to his sister, then my daughter and it was time to pass them on to my son now. However, when I looked at them, I doubt keeping them. Time and storage have damaged them a little, they were stained (and wouldn't come out) and a little yellowish in the soles... check yourself:

I decided to keep them though, S. doesn't have that many shoes yet so, it'd be nice to keep this extra pair -for free. I used fabric ink to paint the black parts, and a fabric marker for the red ones. And I loved how much stylish they look now! They are still a bit too big for my baby, but I can't wait until they fit to have him wearing them.

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