the Boggie Boggie outfit... or so daddy said

Sewing series, tours, contests or sew alongs are my very favourite thing. And I love to take part in all of them for the fact that they motivate me to get things done. You might have noticed that this blog has been kinda slow lately... if it wasn't for the weekly glimses, it would be a desert blog. If you paid attention, the latest items I have blogged about were made either for a tour or a serie, etc.

Project Run & Play - season 10 - is running and I always enjoy to sew along with their themes. This season though, I haven't sewn specifically for PR&P. I had the themes in mind and combined them to other challenges I have been sewing for. I have mentioned countless times that my baby is a crying one, not often allowing mom to sew. In the little periods that he'd nap, he would wake up screaming to the sound of the machine. The last couple of days though, he has been an angel and mom has finally been able to accomplish a few items that were on the list. 

More than anything you will still see a lot of outfits made for a serie, or a tour... (yes, there will be a few things coming until the end of the year), I will often test a pattern if I get lucky to be selected... Today though, I am blogging about something that I did without any other than PR&P theme in mind. 

So, enough blah blah blah. This is the third week already, and the theme is denim. Again, what a great motivation it was. I spent a few weeks telling myself (and hubby) that S. needed some new pair of denim pants, but time was passing and I didn't do them until this week. It's not something really original, but it's what we needed and I am determined to sew clothes that my kids need instead of sewing endless pieces that will never be worn after the photoshoot. 

Last Sunday, after putting the kids to sleep, I drafted the pattern from a pair of existing jeans from his sister (and they have the fly sewn the right way for a girl which is rare). I only did the waistband differently, using a knit waistband because he has reflux and things should not be too tight around his waist. And honestly because it was so much easier to do! 

The pants have functional front and back pockets, and front and back leg pieces aren't sewn together in the center, instead it has a snaps closure on them to allow a quicker diaper changing, a feature that I really appreciate. Sewing this style of baby pants was a first time for me, without a pattern or any instructions and it worked so much better than I expected. I get so happy over those little things. I used left overs from a pair of adult jeans that were probably cut into shorts before. It was just enough for the little man's pants and I was able to use the original hem.

So, I had the pants. Now I needed something to go with it. I first thought about making a shirt I had just tested, but my little man will be 3M on the 2nd, and this pattern's smaller size was a 6-12M. I then thought about a AC-Snappy Tee because it starts at 3M (and I have actually finished one a few days ago - will be blogged soon - I made this one and this one before) but although that is a quick sew, I needed something easier, so I refashioned a plain white onesie that came from a friend. I had just come across this post and had to try something similar. I checked through my felt stash and improvised a little green monster with pretty much three of everything. I handstitched it to the onesie and my baby's new outfit was complete. When daddy saw it, he called it the boggie boggie outfit. So be it. I am sure  he'll wear both pieces to the max as long as they fit.

oh... and forgive the fact that I didn't iron the onesie before photos! I forgot!


Sew Many Books: Victoria Plum Goes Fishing

I am so happy for the chance to be part of the Sew Many Books series hosted by Emily over Nap-Time Creations. I remember following it last season, and enjoying it a lot. It was such a surprised to be invited to be part of this too. =) I am closing the series today with a:

You can read all about it HERE


Glimpse of our last week #14

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I haven't focused on taking photos this week, so there aren't many to show you. S.was crying a little less, but that was just for a few days. He's back on his almighty screaming mode... yeah, my baby still cries a lot, these past three days have been way too much. Luckily for us, this happens by day and he sleeps well at night. Anyway... we took G. on a guided tour through our town's firemen house. She was absolutely amazed. We have a friend there who offered to walk her through the building, showed her everything, they were inside every trunk and van. She taught her a lot about them. It was fun. There was a little time to sew for both my kids, I made 3 pieces for him, and 1 for her (a pattern test). Plants and small stones - she loves to collect them. He played... for like two seconds and then... soe more crying. 


Bringing home a guest post

Today I am bringing home the guest post I did for CratingCon a few days ago.Just in time to link it to Project Run and Play week two... enjoy...

Hello CraftingCon fans. My name's Magda E. and I blog over House of Estrela, about my sewing projects. For over two years I've been sewing from my already existing fabric stash and refashioning. Yes, you can say I am cheap, but it has been a great challenge to sew according to many themes, using, only supplies I already have. It has improved my creativity. And for today's post it hasn't been an exception... and I started with this:

This is a dress my sister wore for a few years, when she was done with it, it came to my refashion pile. It was perfect for what I needed.

The idea of creating a princess inspired outfit, that my daughter could use on a daily basis was in my mind for a while. When the chance to do a post for Crafting Con came up, I couldn't be happier that I could finally do it. First I thought about doing cinderella, because I love blue, but then I did Princess Sophia, which is my daughter's favourite. Did you know she was inspired/based on queen Sophia from Spain? It would make sense for me to do her, since I am half spanish myself. 

I didn't want it to be too princessy, as I said before, I wanted it to be used on a daily basis. So when I looked at Sophia's there were three things I had in mind to reproduce... sort of... And they were the colour, the scalloped hem and the pearls. These were the three things I wanted to add to my dress. It was my first scalloped hem and I didn't follow any pattern or tutorial. It's not perfect, but works. I used the pearls in the hairclip flower and in the button in the back. 

I used RaeAnna's Bumblebee dress pattern for the bodice. I have used it over and over because I know it fits my girl in a lovely way. I even used it for a Snow White costume. But I did a few changes and adjustments to the pattern. Especially in the sleeves and back piece, which I cut on the fold as one and then sewed up an opening so it could fit through my daughter's head. 

The flowers printed in this dress reminded me of Sophia's skirt flowers too, which was a bonus I wasn't counting on. The little miss liked her new dress, she said she felt pretty with it and wanted two of the hairclips. Then she had a fun photoshoot with her daddy, which is great. I hope you all enjoyed it too. 

Thanks so much for having me.


Glimpse of our last week #13

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I come a little late this week. Somehow I didn't realise it was Saturday already (even though, technically it will be past midnight hen I hit publish here, so it's Sunday alreasy) until a couple of minutes ago. I lost most of my photos this week. I can't find my camera's battery charger and I have been taking photos with my cell phone. The problem is that it is new and accidently I've erased almost all photos from this week. Here's some from the ones I was able to save. 
This week I was able to finish a new outfit for G., it will be part of a series post and we did a quick photoshoot with the (photo in the middle of collage) background... I loved it. We had our usual family time out at a park, mostly everyday (and we will as long as the weather still allows us to). We often go to daddy's work too (picture of the beer bootle caps - she loves to make up games with them). 
And, I have been trying to figure out ho to make a dress for myself to ear at a wedding. It will be Oct. 11th and I still haven't started... Oh geeezzzzz!!!!


CraftingCon Princess Sophia from Disney

Yesterday my entry for the CraftingCon series as a guest poster was up. Here's a link to it (click image below), in case you've missed it!


Glimpse of our last week #12

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I haven't collected too many photos of our days for the last two weeks. There were good things going on, and here I have compiled a few photos from the best things. September 1st my daughter started daycare again, the previous night my niece slept over because later on the first we had a birthday party to go to, where my G. had so much fun. I offered some more fun fruit desserts to my daughter and I also made some home made mini pizzas. They were a huge success. We had three days away from home. We didn't go on holidays for years, it was the first time for my kids. We were a little apprehensive because S. is so young but it went great and we had a lot of fun. 
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