Refashion Month with Irene (aka MammaNene)

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Creio que a Irene foi uma das primeiras bloggers refashionistas que eu comecei a seguir, ou pelo menos uma das primeiras com quem comecei a ter contacto. A reciclagem que fez numa edição anterior, de camisa de xadrez para vestido de menina, é para mim ainda, uma das mais originais que passaram aqui pelo blogue. Por isso, acho que fazia todo o sentido convidá-la a fazer parte de mais uma edição, e ei-la com a sua boa disposição contagiante. 

I believe Irene was one of the first refashionista bloggers I started following, or at least one of the first I started interacting with. Her plaid button up shirt to little girl's dress, is still in my opinion, one of the most original from all past seasons. That's why I believe it makes total sense to have her as a guest today, and here she is with her infectious good mood. 

º º º 

Hi there! It's Irene here, from Serger Pepper! I'm so happy to be here again for this Refashion Month (thanks Magda for inviting me!). After two refashions for my girl (the plaid & ruffles shirt to dress and the posh beach robe) I have decided it was time to sew something for me! I started browsing my refashion pile to find something that might suggest me an idea and I've found this huge man's T-shirt I have found on a thrifty barter/shop. I took it home without a precise plan for it, just knowing that:
  • it was made in a nice fabric, soft and mostly cotton with a small percentage of polyester that will keep it almost wrinkle-free ;)
  • it was in a basic color and pattern, easy to mix and match
  • it was the right length to be worn on top of leggings and to eventually double as a swim cover
  • it was too big to be worn as it was (look at the shoulders and the width at the bust height)
Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - too wide on the shoulders and at the bust height
  • it was too masculine
  • its sleeves were way too long and wide
Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - too long sleeves
These days here in Italy, summer is hot and I needed more tanks to wear... so a refashion idea was blooming: a tank mini-dress to be worn on top of leggings, fitted at the bust and the shoulders and loose at the bottom, so it doesn't accentuate my back and thighs.  
  Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - fitted where it needs to be

How can you recreate the look? It's easy and fast to whip up, just a couple of hours and you have your new tank mini-dress! First, put the shirt on and mark with pins where you want the shoulders to sit. Mark it on both sides. Decide also the neckline depth but make sure you leave some room on top of a button/buttonholes so you can finish the raw edge with the bias tape without sewing onto the buttonhole! Go down to the bust height and pin on both sides so it's fitted on your bust: this won't make it look baggy anymore!
   Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - mark with pins where you want the tank to hit

Once you take off the shirt, check that pins are mirrored on each side. If not, sum both sides measurements and split in two even measurements so they are perfectly the same! Using chalk, design the neckline curved shape and the new armhole. Try it on again, if you want, to be sure you like it! Cut out the exceeding fabric (don't forget seam allowances!). Cut out the sleeves (put them aside, along with the collar... you never know when you might need them!). Sew the new side seams (a 4-thread overlock stitch is perfect but you can do a straight stitch + zig-zag on seam allowances) right sides together, starting at the armhole and going down to nothing to the old side seams. You can pin this line so it will visually guide you when sewing.
  Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - pin the new side seam from the armhole going down to nothing

To finish the neckline and the armholes, use some single fold bias tape (I had store-bought leftovers from my daughter's bibs). Start pinning it at the front opening, all around the neckline. 
  Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - start aligning the bias at the front opening of the neckline

Make sure the other end (the one that goes under) is not peeking out.
  Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - make sure the other end of the bias is not peeking out

Sew in place, then press the seam open. Use a tailor's ham, if you have it, for a hassle-free steam pressing on curves (if you don't have one, let's DIY!). Tip: Don't skip this step for a professional-looking finish!

Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - press the bias tape with a ham  
Turn the bias tape toward the wrong side, steam press again and pin in place, before you go to the sewing machine.

Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - pin toward the wrong side the bias tape, press and topstitch 

 While a regular presser foot will work just fine,a nice one to use is this "guide stitch foot" that has markings on the left that will help you topstitching at a consistent width from the folded edge. To decide the perfect width:
  • slide the neckline under the foot on the bias tape side
  • lower the foot and the needle so it goes into the fabric in the right spot
  • mark the right groove to follow with a sharpie or something like that
  • lift up the foot and place the neckline under it again, this time on the outside of the tank
  • sew and admire!
Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - mark the width of the topstitch
Let's finish the armholes in the same way. The only difference is that you start with folding one end of the bias tape toward the wrong side so, when you reach that point with the other end of the bias tape no raw edges will show. Stitch, press, fold, press, pin, and topstitch, exactly as shown for the neckline. Repeat for the other armhole.
  Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - finish the armhole with bias binding

You are done! Here's your new flowy tank mini-dress, fitting your body as a forgiving glove, made by refashioning an old man's shirt. Look at these details: don't you like the subtle peeking of the contrasting bias tape? And how perfectly fits my shoulder bones, now?

Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - detais  
Do you like how the front neckline opening came? I love it!

Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - front neckline opening detail  
I hope this has inspired you to go and sew something from your refashion stash!
  Serger Pepper - Refashion July - Man's shirt to tank dress - and loose where I don't want to enfatize my curves


Refashion Month with Michelle White

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É impossível não gostar da Michelle. Ela é meiga, divertida, honesta e super criativa. Quando penso que não me consegue voltar a surpreender ela vem e bam, lá fico eu de queixo caído com a sua capacidade de reinventar e criar. Exemplo disso mesmo, são alguns dos looks que ela reciclou no último ano e que nos mostra hoje aqui no blog. Visitem mesmo todos os links para os mesmos, aposto que também vão ser apanhadas/os de surpresa com alguns dos materiais que ela usou. Agora, passo-lhe a palavra a ela mesma. 

It is impossible not to love Michelle. She's kind, funny, honest and so creative. When I think she cannot surprise me anymore, she comes and bam, there goes my jaw down again with her reinvent ing and creating skills. Good examples are the ones she's bringing us today, some of the looks she recycled/refashioned in the past year. Please visit all the links for each of them, I bet you too will be amazed when you find out how some of the supplies she used. I am letting her speak now. 

Hi House of Estrela Readers! I am Michelle and I blog over at Falafel and the Bee, as well as take care of things behind the scenes as one of the Virtual Assistants at Project Run and Play.
If you know me already, you will know how I absolutely love everything about refashioning and I do it as often as I can. Not only is it extremely cost effective and speaks to my frugal side, it saves existing garments (and sometimes even trash) from the landfill.
Today I am here to share a little round-up of some of the refashions I have done, since last July. Click on the link below the photo to take you to the individual posts.




I cannot believe how many I have done this past year! I hope you'll come over and check out some of these posts as well as explore the "Upcycle" category I have where you can find things other than garments. Thank you so much, Magda, for having me here. I look forward to this series every year.

Keep on reusing and refashioning, everyone!


Desert Island Sew

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Tal como no passado mês, juntei-me a outras bloggers para mais um tour divertido. Se no primeiro mês nos pediram para mostrarmos as nossas peças a serem usadas no dia a dia e algumas perguntas por responder, desta vez, apenas nos questionaram uma coisa:
Se fosse para uma ilha deserta e só pudesse levar um molde, que molde seria esse? Podíamos levar todo e qualquer material de costura, mas apenas um molde. E agora?

Just like last month, I joined a few bloggers for another fun tour. We were asked to share our sewn pieces in our daily life and we had a few questions to answer as well. This time though, we were only asked one thing:
If we were going to a desert island, and we could take only one pattern, what would it be? We could take as many sewing supplies as we'd wish, but were only allowed to take one pattern. What now? 

Azur Swimsuit 
by Petit a Petit and Family & Titchy Threads

Escolhi o molde do fato de banho Azur. Um molde resultante de uma colaboração entre as designers Celina Bailey e Laura Titchter, mas levei tanto tempo para me decidir. Existem tantos moldes maravilhosos. A minha ideia inicial era escolher um molde básico, que eu pudesse alterar e costurar imensas peças diferentes com ele: versatilidade era o meu foco, portanto. No entanto, cheguei a outra conclusão. Uma ilha deserta pede pouca roupa, não? E porque não levar um molde apropriado para o local? Ninguém disse que eu ia ficar perdida na ilha para sempre e precisar todo o tipo de roupa, pois não? Imagino essa ida para a ilha deserta como uma espécie de retiro costuril. Eu, a minha máquina, os meus tecidos e a parafernália toda que eu conseguisse levar para lá. 

I chose the Azur swimsuit. This is a pattern brought together by two designers, Celina Bailey and Laura Titcher. It took me quite a few time to decide though. There are so many wonderful patterns out there. My first thought was going for a versatile pattern I could hack as much as needed. However, my conclusion was otherwise. A desert island calls for little clothes, right? And whay not taking an approriate pattern then? Nobody said I would stay lost in the Island and need all sorts of clothes, right? I imagine going to that island for a sewing retreat. Me, my sewing machine, my fabric and all the supplies I could carry. 

Eu fiz parte do grupo de testers do molde, desde a primeira ronda. Quase um ano depois houve uma segunda e finalmente o molde ficou pronto e perfeito. Fiz 3 durante a fase de testes, e o primeiro que fiz foi o que apresento na foto acima. O fato de banho é reversível, e eu adoro a conjugação das cores que escolhi. Na altura foi um bocadinho medricas no que diz respeito a adicionar o elástico e como era opcional dispensei. Arrependi-me claro. Vê-se sempre um bocadinho do outro lado a espreitar, para além do facto de não assentar tão bem e parecer até um pouco largo. O tecido azul tinha-o comprado e usei as sobras que ficaram depois de costurar dois pares de leggings - tanto que para a peça da frente fiz mesmo um remendinho, por isso se vê uma costura na cintura, o tecido não era suficiente para cortar a peça inteira. Já a lycra preta do outro lado, veio de um vestido de mulher comprido ao qual também meti tesoura e transformei neste fato de banho. 

I was part of the testers for this one, since the first round. Almost a year later there was a second one and finally we had this perfect pattern ready. I made 3 of these through the tests, and the first one is the one I shared above. The swimsuit is reversible, and I love the fabric mix I used. Back then, I was a bit of a chicken to try to use the elastic and since it was optional I skipped it. Of course I regret it. The other side is always showing and it doesn't fit as good as it could. I bought the blue fabric and for this I used the scraps I was left after making two leggings - so much so that I had to sew two pieces together in order to be able to cut a front piece, that's way there's a sewing line in the waist of this one. The black lycra I used came from a women's long dress I refashioned into this. 

Mais tarde e com o aperfeiçoamento ao molde, foi-nos pedido que fosse costurado mais uma versão, e eu queria muito fazê-la mas tinha um problema... estava difícil encontrar lycra capaz por aqui. Por isso, comprei um retalhinho branco e preto que adorei a nível de padrão, mas era tão fino que me dava impressão. Juntei restos do vestido usado para o anterior também. Para o outro lado do fato de banho vi-me aflita, não tinha tempo de encomendar online e por aqui não havia nada. Felizmente, num monte de roupa para reciclar que me deram, vinha um fato de banho de mulher, suficientemente grande para eu conseguir fazer a versão em color block do molde. A esse lado juntei retalhos de um tecido jersey fino e até um pouco brilhante que tinha por casa. 

Later and with the perfecting of the pattern we were asked to sew another one and I really wanted to make it but struggled with something... It was quite hard to find the perfect fabric around here. I ended up buying a black and white scrap I adored in print, but was way too thin. I used scraps from the black dress here too. For the other side, I almost fell into despair, I had no time to order it online and I just couldn't find anything at all. Happily for me, I was given a pile of clothes to refashion, I found a women's swimsuit large enough for me to use some of it and do the color block in the swimsuit. To that same side, I used scraps from a thin and slightly shinny jersey from my stash. 

E passado um ano veio o último, o meu preferido. Depois de dois fatos de banho lá perdi o medo do elástico e apliquei neste último. O que vos posso dizer sobre isso? Nunca mais faço fatos de banho sem eles. Fazem toda a diferença no cair da peça. Os tecidos comprei-os em Espanha, e agora depois de algum uso, percebi que o das fotos de baixo não vale nada e desbotou ao fim de duas idas à praia ou coisa assim. Tanto que o uso como forro para todos os fatos de banho que vou fazendo. O tecido das bolas brancas é uma lycra pesada, que dura e dura. Foi uma excelente compra. Eu mesma fiz um outro bikini para mim o ano passado usando os mesmos tecidos. O tecido rosa, veio de uma t-shirt de mulher e apesar de não ser lycra tem-se aguentado perfeitamente à água salgada da praia e ao cloro das piscinas. 

And then, one year later, there was the last one, my fave. After two swuimsuits I finally lost my fear of elastics and applied it to this last one. What can I tell you about it? I will never make another swimsuit without it. They make a huge difference in the fit. The fabrics I used were both bought in Spain and after going twice to the beach, I realized that the one from the lower photos is really crappy, and lost the bright colours right away. I've been using it as a lining for all the other swimwear I made after this. The white polka dots fabric is a heavy lycra, that lasts and lasts. It was an excellente purchase. I made a bikini for myself in those same fabrics too. The pink fabric, was reused from a woman's t-shirt and although it's not lycra, it has been lasting and resisting the salty water from the beach and the chlorine from swimming pools. 

E pronto, é isto, eu levava o Azur comigo e fazia uma dúzia deles, para a minha filha, mas também experimentaria fazer um para mim, já que desde que fiz o último, que digo que gostava de experimentar fazê-lo para mim mesma, já que as minhas medidas, excepto nas ancas, cabem no número maior (12 anos). E vocês? Que molde escolhiam para levar para uma ilha deserta? Vejam as escolhas das bloggers que se seguem... 

And that's it, I would take the Azur with me ans would make a bunch of them for my daughter, but also for myself, as since I made the last I've been wanting to. My measurements, except for the hips, totally fit the biggest number (12 years). What about you? What pattern would you choose for a desert island? See the choices from the next bloggers... 

Refashion Month with Elizabeth Elliot

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Sabem o molde M is for Motto Joggers, aquele sobre o qual estou sempre a falar? E os últimos moldes super para a frente que usei ultimamente para a G.? Bem, são todos desenhos da Liz. Adoro o seu estilo e aposto que vocês também. Esta é a sua estreia nesta série e eu estava muito curiosa para ver o que tinha feito. Aqui o temos, não está um espetáculo? Ela transformou um hoodie em macacão para criança. Têm o link mais abaixo. 

Do you know the M is for Motto Joggers pattern I am always talking about? And the coolest latest patterns I've used for my daughter lately? Well, they were all designed by Liz. I love her designs and I bet you do too. It is her first time as a guest and I was really curious to see what she'd come up for the series, and here we got it. How cool is that? She turned a hoodie into a kid's romper. Visit her here and check out her tutorial. 


Refashion Month with Stephanie Woodson

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Fiquei a conhecer a Stephanie há um par de anos, através desta minha série, tal como outras bloggers que adoro, e fiquei fã dela. Como é que ela consegue fazer tudo o que faz? Não sei, mas admiro. A Stephanie tem sempre coisas giras no seu blog, incluindo um desafio anual que consiste em experimentar uma nova técnica todos os meses, o qual eu comecei muito bem no início do ano mas que já falhei redondamente, entretanto. Hoje, ela tem uma reciclagem fácil e simples, perfeita para quem se está a iniciar nestas andança e com direito a passo a passo. Fica o link para a sua publicação abaixo. 

I got to know Stephanie a couple of years ago, through this series, as many other bloggers I love, and I became her fan. How can she make all she does? I don't have a clue, but I admire it. Stephanie always has the cutests things in her blog, and she also runs the year long Try Something New Every Month challenge, which I started good but failed badly to follow already. Today, she's got a simple and easy refashion for us, with a tutorial, perfect for the newbies in town. Here's where you find it. 


Refashion Month with Joelle Wacker

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A Joelle escreve no blog EYMM, e é a convidada de hoje. Ao contrário do que eu fui desta vez, ela é uma excelente anfitriã quando se refere a organizar pattern tours* por blogs. Hoje ela traz-nos o que eu chamo de um desafio divertido e consiste em transformar algo, que a maior parte das pessoas nunca pensaria em usar, numa nova peça maravilhosa. Leiam abaixo o que ela tem a dizer sobre o seu projecto e visitem o link abaixo. 

Joelle is today's guest. She writes over EYMM, and she is a great hostess when it comes to blog pattern tours (unlike me this time - so sorry everyone!). Today she brings what I can a fun challenge. It consists in turning something most people wouldn't even consider, into a new wonderful new garment. You should read what she has to say about it. 

Who can resist a great sale rack find? Not me, apparently even when it's boxer shorts ... especially when the 2-year-old falls in love with them and begs to take home the "superhero shorts." How could I tell him no when I know I can refashion them into something that he can wear and we'll both be happy. Me because he gets a new shirt for just $1 and him because he gets to wear his beloved Avengers! Come on over to EYMM and check out my results!


Refashion Month with Vicky Myers Creations

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A primeira convidada a participar da edição deste ano é a Vicky, fiquem a conhecê-la um pouco melhor ao mesmo tempo que descobrem o que ela fez, com a ajuda da sua filha, de uma saia comprida (último link abaixo). Vou-vos deixar com a apresentação, pela mão da própria. 

My first guest this year is Vicky, get to know her better if you don't yet, and check out what she did out of this maxi skirt with the help of her daughter. Here's what she had to tell us here. 

Hi, I’m Vicky from VickyMyersCreations. I blog in the main about things I’ve sewn and crafted but also like to share thrifty projects. I'm passionate about reusing items - we don't need to purchase items to be creative. Refashioning & upcycling are a big part of my life but occasionally items are hoarded! I'm grateful that Refashion July has prompted me to tackle my refashioning stash!

DIY Maxi Skirt

I was fortunate and learnt to sew at school, this was followed by three years at art college. As a mother I find sewing easy to pick up and put down around family life.
You can find me frittering time all over the Internet: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram

Skirt - vickymyerscreations

Find out what I made out with this large woman's knit skirt here.


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