Refashion Month... Without

I was having Amy from Friends Stitched Together sharing her refashion ways with us today. Unfortunately, as we all know, sometimes life just gets in the middle and things don't go as we expect them to. So, no Amy here today, which doesn't mean you can't visit her (and Tasha's) blog and check out their previous refashions. I'll be back tomorrow with a refashion of my own... hopefully. 

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Refashion Month with Knot So Normal

Today I am welcoming Jonie from Knot So Normal, in the series for the first time. We've been taking part in a few tours, and apart from loving refashioning, she also does crochet and anything she's tempted too, my kind of peson then. I actually relate to her in a lot of ways, not only in sewing, we both have a girl and a boy, we sew, upcycle, do crafts with our kids (letting them use their imagination), and more. I love her project for today, and I hope you too. 


Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here sharing my refashion with you. Refashion and upcyclying are 2 of my favorite parts of sewing. When I started sewing money was really tight, so I dipped into our closets to make stuff. I am ALWAYS scanning clearance racks for items to turn into a one-of-a-kind clothing piece for myself or my kids. I will admit to being a bit stumped for what I wanted to make for this post, so I started browsing through my collection of clothes to be refashioned and I found this coat. I LOVED this coat when I bought it, but it didn't have the best shape so I knew I wanted to turn it into something else. 


Originally I was going to redesign it into a coat for myself, but I am working on the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge by Rebel and Malice and decided to make a jacket for Miss G. After consulting with her she told me she wanted it to be short, warm and have a Halloween Hello Kitty Lining. She also requested one button on it. I think I rocked this one.


 The pattern for this is self-drafted with princess seams on the front and back bodice and a bottom band. I also added inseam pockets because every little girl needs pockets in her jacket. 


I am happy to say that this jacket cost next to nothing. The coat was repurposed, the lining fabric was given to me by my aunt, the buttons were in a HUGE box of notions that I picked up at a yard sale for $3.00. I also added a layer of flannel between the main and lining fabric for extra warmth, it cost me next to nothing also. I picked it up at a yard sale for $.10 a few years ago. 


 As Miss G is getting older I have been trying to up my sewing game and really make things that she is going to LOVE to wear to school and I think that this jacket totally fits the bill.


Refashion Month with Swoodson Says

If I'm not wrong - though my memory isn't one to trust - I knew Stephanie from Swoodson Says, through this series, like a year ago. She runs the most amazing sewing and crafting fb group, not to mention her own blog, full of variety, what an inspiration. She embraced refashion as a way of living, just like myself, and that's one of the reasons why I specially like this lady here. Make sure to visit her blog today (link provided below) for the greatest tips for thrifting shopping. 

pant refashion

Hi! I'm so happy to be here; I just had my second kid 4 months ago and have a huge stack of clothes that I have big ideas for. Blog events give me a deadline and the motivation to make it happen! I'm sharing a bunch of tips and some "action shots" to help you shop more effectively when looking for clothes to upcycle or refashion over on my blog today if you want to read more. Jogger pants have been trendy lately; I made a pair of True Bias Hudson pants when I was pregnant and have been wearing them like crazy. I like a bootcut silhouette but I hate how the hems get wet, dirty, and dusty when I chase my toddler around! These grey pants are so comfy and have awesome big pockets but I find myself not wearing them because they get so filthy - so I decided to refashion them into slimmer, cuffed pants. It's a pretty easy fix and you can see how below, refashion a pair for yourself.

  refashion before 

 The before - comfy but not cutting it.

  refashioning tutorial 

 The after! Comfy, cozy joggers with a pop of purple (my favorite color!) 

  Step 1

step 1

Lay a pair of joggers that you like the fit of over top of your track pants. If you don't already own a pair, you can eyeball the curve, arching out from the crotch seam. Make sure both pairs of pants are laid completely flat, you can match the outseams but I didn't because both pants had stylistic curves. Use pins to follow along the new seam you'll be creating and sew a basting (long stitch length) stitch just outside your pinned line.

  step 2a 

Try them on! Make sure that there aren't any tucks, folds, and that you like the fit. Use a regular stretch stitch or a serger to make the new seam permanent and trim the excess off. 

Step 2

  step 2

Lay the excess piece on the other leg and pin outside of it, repeat with the basting, trying on, and finishing the seam.

  refashion skinny pants 

You could stop here if you like the look! I wanted to add a cuff, so keep reading. 

  Step 3

step 3

Sorry, feet shot, but use a pin and mark the desired length. Remember that you'll be adding length with your cuff. Cut off the excess length. 

Step 4

step 4

Lay the excess piece you just cut off the hems and cut the side seam so it's flat. You can use this to gauge the length of your cuff. When cutting your cuff, remember that the stretch needs to go from side to side, not up and down; ribbed knit is the best type of fabric to use. I cut my cuff about an inch shorter than the leg's opening. 

Step 5

step 5

Remembering which way the stretch needs to go, sew up the vertical side with a stretch stitch or a serger. Pull one edge up over itself so the wrong side of the seams are touching each other and all the edges match up. 

Step 6

step 6

Making sure your pants are right side out (not inside out), pull the cuff up so all raw edges are aligned. Sew with a stretch stitch or serger around them, gently stretching the ribbing to fit. 

Step 7

step 7

Repeat all steps to create another cuff and do the next leg. Ta-da! You're done.  

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Refashion Month with HattieLu Handmade

Denita from HattieLu Handmade was a new to me blogger that joined the series. As I said before, I love that while  hosting this seriess allow me to get to know more blogs, more interesting and talented people from all over. She's the mom to three boys, she sews for them, and herself too. She runs a little shop with the cutest handbags, wallets, etc. Show her some love and visit her. For our series she refashioned for herself for the first time. How great is that?! Look at the cute pair she made. 


Hi House of Estrela readers! I'm Denita from HattieLu Handmade. I'm excited to show you my first women's refashion!
I'm new to the world of refashion and upcycle. The extent of my knowledge has been taking old t­shirts and making new shirts for my boys. Today, I'm stepping outside my comfort zone to refashion something new for me.
I didn't really know where to begin. Usually I hang onto clothes for an eternity because I think I'm going to wear them again. Eventually, the clothes make it to Goodwill. However, I'm in luck. There was a large box off to the side where I found three shift style dresses that haven't worn in at least five years.

Great, free material...but what to do with the material?? Mental block abound. Then it hit me! I love handbags and need something to carry small things. I've also started to wear more skirts and dresses. Eureka! I had my answer.
First things first! Which handbag pattern should I use? Swoon Coraline was the one!!! Coraline doesn't require a lot of fabric and allows for a little creativity. The accent fabric was a laundry failure that's been sitting on the shelf for a year. True story...didn't realize that denim fabric was in the wash load when washing the flower fabric. Oh well! Works perfectly for this project! 

I measured and marked the length needed to save for a tank top, then cut the remaining skirt portion off the dress. There was a seam on the back of the dress that I wanted to incorporate in my handbag.

Now back to the tank top portion. I have plenty of shirts so I needed to be more creative with the tank top idea. There were three dresses exactly the same except for color. The coral one above was the first, there was a turquoise one, and a lavender one. The turquoise seemed to be the best choice to use with the coral. The colors were contrasting, but complementary.

Surprise! The top and bottom are cut at an angle to give the dress more pop! The dress is hemmed at knee length. On the next refashion, I'll take in the bust darts a little more!
So what do you think? Simple, quick, and easy way to refashion a few old dresses! Not too bad for my first try!
Thank you House of Estrela for reviving up my creative juices and helping me to think outside the box.
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Refashion Month with the hostess again

I'm back for my weekly refashion. I almost forgot to post this one, but here I am already. This one was actually a non planned, last minute sewing project I had to make last friday. My daughter's school hosted a white night themed end of year party, and I was all relaxed about it because I knew I had made white clothes for her in the past. Two hours before I had to leave to the actual party, I went on preparing her clothes and SHOCK! She had nothing she could wear... no handmade, no RTW... well she did have white clothes, but they didn't match together. 

Panic! I quickly looked into my refashion pile and the one that shined best was my mom's button up shirt. It was made of a light cotton and embellished with some (white as well) embroidery. It seemed perfect for a summer party. I wuickly cut into it. I was having trouble deciding what to do with it, because I didn't want to cut any lenght, and it had two darts making it hard on me. I just ignored them after all. 

First I cut the sleeves off of the shirt. Then I cut it a bit under the back appliqué because it was gorgeous and I wanted to save it for sure. I didn't really use a pattern to make it, but I did use a previous dress I made G. for her birthday last month to check fit and form for the bodice. It was a dress made with the Firecracker pattern by GYCT. I used the bottom part of the shirt to make the dress skirt. I sewed the front together, gathered and sewed to the bodice. Because G. wasn't home and i was afraid it'd be too short, I thought about adding some lace to the hem. I didn't have one that was exactly white and although i first doubt it, I really had no time to think and just went with it. I finished the top with bias tape so that I didn't have to add lining to it. 

It was not until I took the photos that I realised that the button plackets from the front dress don't match at the seam line that puts top and skirt together. that's one thing I might have to change soon. It happened because I wanted to close the skirt portion on the front and to do that, I sewed both pieces together, slightly overlaping them. Since I didn't do the same for the top, and they still are functional, they are also wider. I also knew the lace would be weird because the original shirt didn't have a straight cut line at the hem, but again, I was concerned about the final lenght of the dress, so I closed my eyes to that too. I think I can redo that as well. At least she had a white dress to wear that night. under two hours, and for free!!!


Refashion Month with Climbing the Willow

Today I get to welcome back, Teri from Climbing the Willow. I love her blog, the way she writes, her creations and her generousity - she's got wonderful, well written and ilustrated FREE patterns that I am sure you'll love to use over and over. I know I do! I've sewn a few of her Izzy Top pattern and I know there will be more in the future. Just like last year, she's coming back to the series with an awesome refashion to show us. 


I enjoy refashioning, but not for the typical reasons - reducing waste or cost savings - although those are excellent reasons to refashion!  I enjoy the challenge of taking an item not intended for the purpose I am assigning to it and making it work.  I also love working without patterns or instructions which can be limiting, and instead just using my creativity and sewing skills to create something entirely new from an item that no longer meets a need.  Not having an infinite amount of fabric forces me to be creative. And because I am starting with an item that would have otherwise been discarded or donated, I am more willing to try ideas that might not be successful at first.  Sometimes expensive fabrics and trims can actually be quite intimidating since we are afraid to waste our money if we mess up!

Every year I collect a small pile of clothes my children have outgrown (at least I try to keep it small!) that I particularly like the fabric or the details, and that I know I would enjoy refashioning.  This year I'm starting with a dress, a sweater, a lightweight floral top and a pair of pants.  I will add more items to the pile, but I like to start small :)  Today I'm sharing the first two items that I made for my daughter Mae.  In the next couple of months you may see the rest of the pieces as part of Mae's fall wardrobe if you follow my blog Climbing the Willow.

Today's project started as the navy and white striped dress pictured above that was too small for my middle daughter.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it at first, but I knew I didn't want to leave it as a dress, so I unpicked the waist seams and removed the elastic just to see exactly what I was left with.  As soon as I was done I knew that I wanted to keep the top essentially the same and just scale it down a bit to fit through the neckline and under the arms.  I finished one side of the top and went to do the second side, but I quickly realized that it wasn't going to work.  Someone at an H&M factory must have had a bad sewing day because the left side of the bodice was 3/4" narrower across the front than the right side.  And one of the sleeves was about 1/2" longer than the other.  So I essentially had to re-sew the sleeve on the left side to try to make it match the right side.  I couldn't really do anything about the fact that the front was narrower, so I'm just hoping it's not that noticeable since it I never noticed in the original dress :)  After finishing the neckline and the sleeves, I took in the side seams a little and attached a knit band to the bottom.  The shoulders are still a little wide, but she loves it, and that's all that counts!

For the skirt part of the dress, I kept wavering back and forth over keeping it a skirt or turning it into harem style pants.  In the end I knew we would get more use from a dress, so I sewed a bodice (using a t-shirt pattern from a Japaneses sewing book) from the same knit I used on the band of the top and simply attached the skirt without making any alterations.  I had to remind myself that sometimes refashions don't need to be overly complicated!

I just want to give a big thanks to Magda for hosting this series!  I have seen a huge growth in refashioning in the last few years, which is a trend I hope will continue.  And blog series like this are a wonderful way of encouraging beginner and experienced sewers alike to take a fresh look at some of the old things around them and use their creativity to create something new :)

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Refashion Month with La Folie

Inês, from La Folie is such an amazing person. I still remember when I got a comment from her here at House of Estrela from the first time, I payed a visit back and never again stopped following her criations. She's talented, with an unique style, and above all, she writes the funniest (down to earth and real) posts about her sewing. Although she doesn't usually refashion, here she is, in this adventure with us. 


Hi Everyone! I'm so happy to be here posting chez Magda's today, and during such a cool series, along with so many talented ladies. I absolutely love this idea, refashion makes total sense to me, though I'm more of an up-cycler than a "refashioner", since I never buy thrifted or any kind of cheaper clothes with the intent of making alterations (mostly because it's not natural to me, but I do love to see what other people can do in those types of projects); well I sometimes buy giant sweaters/T-shirts to make stuff but even that is pretty rare.
So I today I have two quick up-cycle projects to show you that have been on my "to up-cycle drawer" for more time than I like to admit!! ;) Gladly Magda invited me for this or they would still be there...
The first thing I made was turning a Boden dress (I may or may not have bought it from the girls section for me a few years ago - insert the I'm shocked emoji here - and I may even have used it for a while before realizing I wasn't 10 anymore hahaha) into a skirt. Easy peasy. I adore the fabric so much, and I knew that it wouldn't take much to make a cute piece of clothing, yep Lazy old me as usual hehehe.

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

I only have this really bad photo of the dress, forgive me I'm not used to this heheheh, but you can get an idea of how it looked, and please don't imagine how I looked in it!!! hehehehe

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

To make the skirt I simply cut bellow the pink trim and back zipper and added a rib waist in pink. I have no photos of the rib, M wasn't in the mood for photos so I had to be quick, sorry. But it's the same I used on this Rowan Tee.

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

I felt the need to add patch pockets (I used ones from the Japanese book 1 pattern 1 week, and Michael Miller's black eyelet seemed the perfect choice. I finished the top seam with visible bias in black.

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

These type of projects are so very gratifying, it's really cool how quickly you can turn a forgotten piece of clothing on something wearable again. YAY
Well this was such an easy make that I decided to make a second quick project using a maternity nightgown I wasn't using anymore (it wasn't really a proper maternity nightgown I just bought the large size and used it during pregnancy and breastfeeding).

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

I used the nightgown to make... Surprise Surprise, a nightgown for Madalena. WOW My creativity amazes me every-time LOL

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

To make it I just cut the bodice, and ended up with a large rectangle (sorry I have no photo, I have lots to learn when it comes to refashion posts); I drafted the armholes front and back to each side of the top piece using Mingo&Grace Charlie pattern to do it (no particular reason other than it's a good pattern and I had it on hand in the needed size). I also drafted the neckline using Charlie has a guide, though later on decided to make the front a bit lower than the original pattern.

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

After finishing the armholes, I finished the neckline just by folding and making an elastic casing, adjusted the elastic to her size and it was done. I also added a little bow to the front just for cuteness. :D

LaFolie - Refashion Month @ House of Estrela

There you go, two super quick modifications, hope you like them. I had the best time making them, easy gratification!!! ;)
Thanks a million Magda for having me. xoxo

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