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Today I am taking part of the swimwear blog tour, and the best part of it is that I made something for my husband. What? Yes! Can you spot it on today's posters collage below?! 

Let me tell you more about it. 
First things first, I used the Long Beach Board Shorts from Peek-a-Boo pattern shop. Although I follow Amy since the very start I have never used any of her patterns! What? Well yeah, that's true. It just never happened. I jumped at the change of trying one of them right now, AND sewing for my husband at the same time. 

It is official now. I am stepping away from tours and tests for now. I might pop in every now and then, but most of all, I want to find the joy in sewing away, which I lost. Anyway... I found it quite hard to find swimwear fabric around here, at least one my husband and I would like, so of course I did what I always do, dig into my refashion pile. 

I found two pairs of shorts from my husband needing a new life, but I also found a damaged jacket from a cousin. I used this lastest piece and one of the shorts (red red ones) to recycle into new shorts. At first I wasn't really convinced with the mix, but once I was done, it grew on me. I then showed them to their owner and he liked it, which was kind of a relief. I so want to sew more for him. 

I followed the instructions of the pattern, but did mine a bit shorter because I was refashioning and the red shorts I used weren't as long as this one. I reused the lining, but did a new pocket and a new waistband out of the jacket. My favourite feature is the eyelets and cord at the waistband. 

Check out what others did and find some swimwear inspiration... 

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  1. Nice suit! Looks so professional!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Sometimes working with what we have helps our creativity!!

  3. Love the refashioning of the clothing, especially the zippered pocket!

    1. Thanks Joyce. I love the pocket too.

  4. These are really cool! I love a good upcycle.

  5. The mix of colours works really well, Magda. Fabulous refashioning!

    1. Thanks Pam. I'm really happy it worked after all.

  6. I SEW agree, these look very professional!! Awesome job!!!

  7. Great upcycling! I never would have thought to use a jacket.

    1. Thanks! Well I just thought about it because it was already in my stash! When refashioning I just search for the type of fabric I am looking me in that huge pile of mind, and after that I check if it suits my project.


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