One Thimble Issue 16 tour

It is time for One Thimble again. The 16th issue of the e-zine is already available in HERE and today I am bringing a bit of what's inside for you. I have sewn two patterns, both from Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns, and they are the Hally Casual Dress and the Triton Singlet as you can see in the picture below. 

Both patterns are meant to be a loose fit, and I liked that idea. My daughter fell between two sizes, 5 and 6 on the dress, and I went for the biggest as usual, clearly I should have gone a size down for a perfect fit, it looks a bit too loose on her but, eventually it will last longer. 

The detail on the top front bodice was what caught my attention. We didn't realise while taking these photos, and her hair is covering it in most, but I just loved that different touch. The dress has two different construction options and I took the hard road, but it was worth it (don't worry if it scared you, the second option is way easier). 

I also added a different touch by applying this laced piping I had used in another dress for her, you can see it in detail here, I can't tell where or when I bought it but I still have quite a lot of it. The fabric used for this dress was purchased from The Sweet Mercerie, and it's quite soft and light. The skirt os gathered on the front and back but the side panels aren´t. 

As for the Triton tank, the girl liked it just a little better than the dress. The fabric was also purchased from the same shop and I have been always uncertaint of what to do with it. It has butterflies all over so I figured she would like it. I recycled a piece of a hubby's t-shirt for the collar. 

You might recognise her shorts. I made them a while ago for her cousin, they are a size 8 but already fitting her. It was passed from my nephew to his sister and now for my daughter. Hopefully it will last savely until my boy fits them too. 

It really is not much to say about this top. It's easy to sew, just three pieces to cut, pattern pieces are a brise to put together, and it is perfect for an active kid to play around in the park on a very hot summer day just like mine did. She was pretty comfortable with it. 

There's a chance for you to get a free copy of the OT16 issue by entering the current giveaway... 

Also make sure to visit everyone on this tour for more delicious looks on great patterns, all included in this issue. 

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  1. Thanks so much for sewing these up! I especially love the lace you added to your Hally Dress!

    1. Thank you Jen. It's one of those things I keep postponing using because I love it so much and am always looking for "the right" project for it...

  2. Oh I am in love with the dress! The gathers offer such a sweet detail. Will definitely look into this pattern! The top is so breezy, perfect for hot summer days. Love it when handmade clothes 'travels' from one child to another :) When so much love and care have been put into making them, isn't it nice to know more than one child gets to enjoy them? Well done :)

    1. Thank you Jenya!
      I too love when handmades get used by more than one child, however, my handmades rarely do. I mostly sew for my daughter, and all those dresses and girly things from when she was younger were never used by her brother, of course. Nowadays I tend to sew more neutral garments (and yes, it's fine she's not too girly after all), so they can be passed into her brother too. Of course, I still sew her dresses and all that, but everytime possible, I use neutral fabric in shirts, pants, etc...

  3. Both of these makes are so good! And that dress is gorgeous. I love it so much!!

    1. Thank you Emi.
      did you know that, somehow this dress reminds me of you?


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