Baby Shoes

I tried a little refashion/recycling lately. My niece has a 5 months old (tomorrow actually!) baby girl, and I haven't been doing much for her. I guess I get stucked on doing things for my own little girl, and kinda forget about anything else. So, as I was saying, I tried a little refashion, I got a pair of V.'s damaged jeans and cut a piece from one of the legs to create a new pair of baby shes. These are not the first pair of baby shoes I make, but they are the first ones I make using this pattern. 
Here they are:
I would make some changes in this pattern if I'll use it again. I wasn't really pleased with it, but it worked anyway. I'll give them to the little one today... let's hope her mommy likes them. 


  1. Oh thee are so sweet!! Love the denim and orange!

    1. I usually don't like orange that much, but they sure look cute =) thanks

  2. These are so so cute! I wish I still had some baby feet around here to stick in those shoes! Adorable!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope I will have at least one more time, little feet at home! =)


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