Omni Tempore Family Tour |A mom and daughter thing|

I just discovered another shirt pattern to use over and over. It is the Omni Tempore by Annemieke from Sofilantjes Patterns, and the greatest thing about it, is that you can use it for your entire family members. It was actually what I had in mind when I accepted to be in this tour. I wanted to make one for the boys and the ladies in this house, but the pattern only starts at 12M and the hubby didn't like the fabric I bought for this... he won't like it unless it is black or any other dark colour. For the girls only then!

Aren't we so stylish together? The thruth is that I love sewing some mom & daughter clothes (and I might start sewing dad and son clothes too), and this was a great opportunity to do so. This pattern is comfy and so wearable in our daily life. The Omni Tempore exists in child sizes and in adult sizes, it is designed to fit men too. How great is that? However, I just needed the child sizes pattern to do both. You see, I fit a size 13 so I didn't even bother to print the adult version of the pattern. And it fits so good! 

The child pattern starts at 12M and goes up to size 14Y, and then you have the adult pattern to make a matchy matchy for you or your husband too. As fot the option, the pattern comes with a cowl neck (that I haven't seen in any other pattern before) or a hood. Arm and waist bands are optioonal too, you can do a regular hem instead, and you can also pick a short or large sleeve lenght. In my opinion, the pattern has potetial for more, I am sure it'll be really easy to turn it into a dress for example. I made ours exactly the same. Only one thing is different and I only noticed it when I looked at these photos. Can you tell what is it?!

Oh, and if by any chance you are Dutch, you'll be happy to know the pattern is written in both languages. 

She's a much better model than I am, and since we didn't get a lot of good photos here's a few more of her - I keep saying this, my camera is about to die but while it doesn't I keep taking photos with it and they just keep getting worse - the good ones you will find in this blog were taken by dad, he's got a fancy one... I heard rumours though, Santa might be good to me this year. 

So, do you want to make an Omni Tempore?! Get your pattern HERE. During the tour the Omni Tempore Bundle is at 30% off, while child sizes and adult sizes (bought separately) are 20% off.

You can also entry the amazing giveaway!!! (Scroll down to find it) There's not much time left. if you haven't made your mind about this pattern yet, let me suggest you to visit all the other bloggers on the tour and check out their versions (and hacks) to the pattern...

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I wish the husband had liked it too...

  2. O tecido é bem giro e vocês estão umas giraças! É engraçado como elas gostam de coisas iguais às nossas, não é? Eu nunca fui muito fã de conjuntos mãe-filha mas depois de ver a felicidade da minha piolha porque temos umas botas parecidas (que ela diz que são iguais!) tenho que repensar a coisa...

    1. Obrigado querida. A minha adorou a ideia das blusas iguais e só assim a convenci a tirar as fotos (hoje!) logo pela manhã antes de ir para o infantário. Adorou as fotos "igual à mamã". Esta idade é linda!

  3. Oh I love this! You both look adorable and that color is perfect on you both!
    Great job! AND I love your background screen too:)

  4. Replies
    1. Tão pindéricas que somos! Mas eu adoro, obrigado.

  5. You both look great, Magda!!! Looks like a lovely comfortable top for everyday wear. I can't spot the difference.

  6. The collar ;) Love the mummy-daughter matching look! I think this fabric is gorgeous. Will we see a darker coloured version for your man?


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