Tween Boy's Wallet for my nephew - take II

Not long ago, I blogged about the wallet I made for my nephew. Well, he doesn't have it anymore, and because he is a wind head, we first thought he had lost it, but we have reasons to believe it was stolen after all. His sister is very caring with her stuff and hers dissapeared the exact same day

Anyway, he was so sad, because he really liked it, it made him feel older and more responsible for his stuff. I knew I had to make him an improved one. Improved because the first one didn't have a proper place for coins, he needed a place for coins. 

It was his birthday recently, so I made him a brand new wallet, using scraps of a blue courdury fabric a friend of my mom's gave me like a year ago... apparently she had used it in a few project already and was sick of it. I was so happy to get it though, I love the blue tone. I also used scraps of baby gingham. The bias look awful, I made them for my daughter's overalls last year and I had a little piece left, the fabric is bad though and so hard to press. 

Contrary to the first wallet I made him, this one has a space for everything. When I gave it to him, he came to me, thanked me and said "I love this one even better than the other". He's easy to please, but still, those words were so great to hear. 

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