Glimpse of our last week #21

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I skipped last week, un intentionally, but here I am, back to the glimpse of our last week posts. HEre's a peek at what we've been up to... S. sat on his feeding chair for the first time, just because he doesn't want to lay for too long. G. and I decorated a paper yellow heart as homework for school. He fall asleep as he played with his toys. I finished a dress, two shirts, two cushions (and two more items that aren't showing in the photos). He likes to play with his sister's sock monkey. And he's just too cute! My living room is a total mess because I decided I needed to change everything from place and now I can't find a good solution to get it in the right way, at least a way that would please me. G. enjoyed all the mess... 


  1. I get the urge to rearrange everything every once in a while too:)
    It has to be done, right?
    Such cute photos!

  2. Filhotes lindos e cheios de vida, semanas sempre longas não é? ;-)

    1. Longas... depende do ponto de vista, algumas passam tão depressa, parece que não se consegue fazer nada e já passou uma eternidade. ;)


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