October Wrap Up

Note: I thought I had scheduled this post for the past saturday when I was away, apparently I haven't and only realised it now! 

I knew October would go better than September. It wasn't too busy, I shared basicly one post a week, plus the weekly glimpse on our daily life. Still it was more than I could achieve the previous months. We have a routine that is a bit more consistent right now, I am getting used to being a mom to two with little help from the hubby (because he works too many hours so I can stay home with the kids)

I am really proud of the things I did this month. And I am so happy that some of it was for the boy. The tendency is to sew for the girl around here, either because it's a girl pattern to review, or a pattern to test that doesn't go as little as S. is yet... I have done a few pattern tests too but I couldn't blog about them right away, so they will probably be blogged later. 


I was able to make 3 outfits for S. The Boogie Boogie one (onesie and diapper changing friendly jeans), the sporty outfit (shirt and pants) and the formal outfit (onesie, pants and vest). 

for G. I got to make a formal dress for her cousin's wedding, I made her a Betty Skirt for the Shaffer Sister's Pattern tour, there's the test Rowan Tee and I made a quick Witch costume for a guest post over GYCT. 

Did you miss the little bits - through photos - of our month? You know what to do... click each photo to get you to the original post!



  1. Com um bebé tão pequeno em casa fizeste muiiiita coisa! Eu tenho a certeza de que não farei metade! ;-)

    1. Algumas coisas foram feitas no mês anterior, mas sinto sim que estou a ganhar alguma da rotina de volta. Ele tem os seus dias, mas tem outros que compensa.


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