WIP: sneak peeks!

I know it's been quite silent around here. I've been busy... pretty busy. This is my daughter's birthday month. And even though it's only by the end of the month, I love to get started pretty soon. Last year I started planning it 6 months ahead. No kidding! But I figured I should save that anxiety problem this year. Project Run and Play and all the other challenges have kept me quite busy so far, to think about that. But it's getting closer, and I have to put my hands on it soon. 

I hurried to get the invitations done by the end of May, so I could focus on all the rest and have an idea of how many guests we were having... 

BUT, June is a busy month for me... not only I have my daughter's birthday, I also got an order from a friend for her kid's party too. She ordered 26 drawstring bags (20x30cm). 13 Minnie like and 13 Mickey like. I am finishing it already (thanks god, I can't stand that many bags anymore! hehe), but I still have to sew 13 ribbons for the Minnie like ones. 

Before this order, I had started doing my kids clothes for her own birthday. A couple of months ago I discovered Marta's blog (DoGuincho), exactly by the time she posted about these pleats. Ever since I wanted to try it myself. By looking at her pictures I didn't think it was hard so it was always on my mind for a future project. And I was really happy when Marta wrote her own tutorial for them, it really made my life easier, so Obrigado (thank you!) Marta!!!

When I thought of what to do for G.'s second birtday, I first thought of a dress, but then I went back... wait... ANOTHER dress added to her already growing-up-fast-list of dresses? No way! I had to donate a few fitting ones because they were just too much, how would I make another one?!

I decided I would do something different this time, but since I know that at least one of my readers will be at the party, I won't show or tell you what my idea was. Not yet, you'll have to wait until after the party!

The only thing I can tell you is that I am finally doing the pleats! And boy... they are time consuming. I think I might have spent about 3 to 4 hours on them already ( I can't tell since I didn't do them all straight), and I still have about the same amount to do... 
sorry for the blurry picture!

And there's more... yesterday I got invited to a Christening of my cousin's kids with two weeks ahead the event. I won't be sewing anything for baby G. but I'd like to sew myself a skirt, and I'd like to sew something as a gift for my little cousin B. She's almost 3 years old but she's wearing basicly the same as my daughter, so size should be an easy issue - I guess. 

Not all yet... on the 17th there's our little niece's first birthday too. And I'd love to sew something for her too... just not even sure what that'll be yet! Any ideas?!

And last... I have to get started on my own project(s) for July's Refashion Month... are you with us?


  1. Those pleats look amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. They do, that's why i've been wanting so hard to try them. =) I plan to get it finished by the end of the week, but as I said, you'll have to wait until after the party!

  2. Acho que é boa ideia fazeres algo diferente para a G. Adorei o detalhe das pregas e fui ver o tutorial, bem... eu não sou costureira mas adorei o tutorial. Quem sabe um dia me aventure nessas lides mas não em roupa, mais em decoração ;o) Bem, agora percebo porque tens andado meio desaparecida, tens tanto que fazer mulher !! ou melhor, tanto já feito !

    1. as pregas são mesmo um detalhe único. Adorei ver nos vestidos da Marta... e estou a gostar muito do meu trabalho tb, mas escolhi um tecido um pouco rijo, pelo menos com pregas de 1cm cm estou a fazer (segui à risca até nas medidas dela...). Eu penso que em almofadas tb deve ficar encantador. Sim, tanto já feito e tanto ainda por fazer!!! Como te disse no teu blog (creio): é Junho, não pára, não pára!!! heheh

  3. As tuas pregas estão a ficar impecáveis. Mal posso esperar para ver onde estão a ser aplicadas!
    Muito obrigada pela publicidade!

    1. Obrigado Marta! Planeava ter a outra parte terminada ainda antes deste fim de semana mas nada feito. =(


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