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It's the first day of my sweet November, and our final entry on the blazer sew along. Yes, we are finishing it today. There's not much left.

New to the sew along? Here's what we've been doing...
day 1 
day 2 
day 3

Today is time to attach main fabric an linning together, and add the final touches. So, let's start by pinning main fabric piece and linning piece, with right sides together. The sleeves will be facing out on both pieces. Sew all around the edges but leave an opening on the bottom to turn your piece around. Turn it around. Pull sleeves, lining inside main fabric. Fold about 3/8" in each sleeve, and press it. Pin it and sew with an invisible stitch.
Close the opening you left on the bottom with an invisible stitch too. Press your blazer everywhere it need a good press, including pressing your lapelson the front. Put button placket pieces right sides together and sew. Make sure to clip the rounded edges, turn it around, press and add a stitch if you want to. I did as shown on image. Sew a button hole on the rounded edge. Sew it to the right side of your blazer front. On the other side, sew your button. And you're done!

And, here it is. My latest version of my Dreaming of Spring blazer. Which happens to be, as well, the first handmade Christmas present of the year. Now that the full tutorial for the blazer is here, I hope to start seeing a couple of blazers showing in the flickr group, and get a chance to get a free copy of Marta's Bubble Shorts Pattern. You have until the end of the month to participate. 


  1. Ficou super giro!
    Imagino bem o trabalho que deu fazer este passo-a-passo, mas o resultado é espectacular :)

  2. Thank you so very much madam fot this beutiful tutorial !


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