My Bubblicious Romper |Kids' Choice & MashUp Series|

* Edited on the 11th with new photos!

Don't you just love when one project allows you to cross two different challenges from your to-do-wish-list? I do! I really do, because if I could, I would sew along every single online challenge I come across... just for the fun of it. 

I first posted this entry with a single picture of this romper. The one I've kept under these lines. I had just finished the piece and wanted to share right away, because it was the last day to link to Heidi's series Kids´ ChoiceThe sun was gone already, so I promised new daylight photos to be added the next day. it wasn't possible the next day, but here they are now. Back here (on photo below) I still had to add the elastic to the waist band too... again, I couldn't find the one I needed... just like with the snaps some days ago. It is frustrating to know you have those things, but still, you can't find them. Pregnant brains, what can I do?!

As I mention above, this project fits two challenges... the second is the Monthly MashUp series from the lovely Ajaire. I've been wanting to sew along for a while, and I am glad I finally did and will be linking to the series flickr group

I should tell you a little about my piece now. So according to the first challenge, I had my kid going through my stash and pick whatever she wanted to. I might have made her change her mind about some warmer fabrics, but she was free to pick any other fabric and to my surprised, she picked a solid purple pinkish, very light cotton fabric. I wanted to add some print, so again, I showed her the smaller fabrics/scraps... Her tendency was again solids. But then the flower printed fabric caught her eye and she picked that one. It was just enough for what I had in mind. I tried to ask her what she wanted (skirt, shirt, dress, etc) but she wouldn't give me a solid answer. I think she didn't really care. 

So, I guess it was in my hands to choose. Which was great, I could make what I had in mind to go along the Mash Up series. I picked my patterns. The Popover dress by Oliver +S (it's a free pattern) and The Bubble Shorts by DoGuincho. My idea was to make a bubble romper... I made a similar before, but instead of using the Bubble Shorts Pattern, I used Feather's Flights' Harem Pants pattern... you can see it here. I used the same pattern - with adjustments that I used back then for the top of the romper. 

I used the size 2T for both top and shorts part of the romper, and it's fun to compare how much she has groen, because the same size for the shorts, layed right above her knees just a few months ago when I did my first pair for the tour. The best part about it? She gave me a huge smile and a huge hug when I asked her "Do you like what mommy made with the fabric you chose?". I guess her reaction was a "Yes". I love to see it on her, and she loves to wear it, so we might do this kids' choice thing more often. 


  1. Darling. I've got a romper on deck, too. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursday!

  2. This romper is too cute!!! I'm sure she loves it, and not only because she chose the fabric! Great job! :-)

  3. So cute, it looks like she loves it!


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