Glimpse of our last week #12

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

I haven't collected too many photos of our days for the last two weeks. There were good things going on, and here I have compiled a few photos from the best things. September 1st my daughter started daycare again, the previous night my niece slept over because later on the first we had a birthday party to go to, where my G. had so much fun. I offered some more fun fruit desserts to my daughter and I also made some home made mini pizzas. They were a huge success. We had three days away from home. We didn't go on holidays for years, it was the first time for my kids. We were a little apprehensive because S. is so young but it went great and we had a lot of fun. 


  1. Pizzas caseiras sabem muito melhor! ;-) Eu costumo fazer com espinafres e cogumelos e molho de tomate feito na bimbólica e ficam de lamber os dedos! beijocas :-)

    1. Sempre. Creio que nestas coloquei molho de tomate, alcachofras e queijo. Normalmente invento na hora com aquilo que tiver à mão. beijinhos


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