A baby Bumblebee Dress

There were a few things made in 2014 that never got to the blog. I will try to post most of them, because I love to document every little thing I make good or not so good (even though some just don't make it for one reason or another). 

This is a dress I made for another blogger. She was the sweetest when my daughter was born and offereced us a pair of booties she made. Last year, just a little before I had S., she had her first child too, a girl. Of course, I wanted to make something for her little one. So, I turned to what is my go to dress pattern, and made her a tiny Bumblebee Dress. If I am not wrong I did the 6M size. 

Unfortunately those photos are still from my older camera and they aren't so good. I used fabric and lace from my stash. For someone who doesn't like pink that much, I happen to have a few different ones for years, and since last year was my great destash year, it was normal for me to use all the pinks. I really like the pattern, it's no news for you, and yes, I am tempted to sew a new one pretty sure, I haven't decided yet if I will use this pattern but I just might. This is my 8th, I believe. 


  1. You've just reminded me I have the Bumblebee pattern and have never made it up. A super sweet little dress, Magda and a great idea for a baby gift.

  2. Replies
    1. Este é outro dos moldes que uso over and over and over e os vestidos ficam smp super diferentes.

  3. So sweet! Perfect for a baby girl ;)

    1. Thanks. I wish i could see her wearing this, but she's far away!


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