3 Thrifty Baby Gifts you can sew

Dana, from Sew Thrifty has been an inspiration ever since I found her blog. Just like me, she loves to make use of what she had already and find a creative way to make things live longer in new forms. She just had a precious little girl, and she has put a few bloggers together, sharing thrifty ideas baby related to celebrate the arrivals of her youngest! Congratulations to her and her family!

I've got two kids and I think we're pretty much done with having kids. You'll never know what the future holds, and sometimes life comes up with a few unexpected surprises. We're not planning on having anymore though, so as cute and lovely as they are, chances are I'll be sewing baby items only to gift the ones around me. And with that in mind, I have put together a little wrap up of the baby related tutorials I have shared so far. Not only they are baby related, they will also cost you nothing to make... Let's see... 

#1. Baby Pocket Sling

I think I pretty much gifted one of these to my friends when they had their babies. And you can totally save a bit by making them using flannel and cotton sheets as your fabric choice. I've put up a tutorial for this a while ago, and you can check it out here, in order to make your own. Later I also make baby doll slings for the newborn's big sisters, as shown here and here

#2. Newborn Wrap Onesie

This one has been one of my personal favorites ever since I made it. It has been my readers favorite as well by the way. I made two of these when I was pregnant with my boy, and I drafted a pattern that I later shared on the blog. It's a hand drafted pattern, no fancy stuff, one size only, but works pretty well if you don't mind it. Find pattern and tutorial here and let me know if you get any done. I made mine, both of them, using t-shirts and more t-shirts scraps, some were mine and some were my husbands. The one of the photo above, was actually the very first thing he wore when he met this world. The nurse that cleaned him and all, noticed it was handmade and told me how special it was. I was so proud!!

#3. DIY Baby Toy

Again, I made this one for my boy and he loved it. I made it about the time he was already able to start holding his toys and it was easy to hold this one and later bring it into his mouth. I made this one using a very small stuffed dog, a scrap from an onesie that wasn't fitting him anymore and that was it. Pretty quick and easy, and you can make one too. See how to, by clicking here.

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