New Look

I don't know if anyone has realised, but since I created this blog, I have changed my banner a few times. 

Shame on me! But I wasn't happy about any of them. Until now. There's a new one, and I think this one will last. I wanted something that had anything to do with the name of the blog, and I finally found the thing I was missing. 

The idea came from the tags I use on my clothes. The symbol for my own name. 
 I was unsure about using the one you see above, or this one here:

But I am happy with my choice... I think the other one looks better. 

But as I was saying... since this is the image I am using on my tags, I believe it is right to use it as a banner in my blog too. The M stands for Magda, and the Star, means Estrela in portuguese, as I had told you before. It's a simple banner, but I like it simple and clear. 

Here's the previous banners I used:

much better now, right?


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