Yey!!! I've been featured!

My blog isn't yet two months old, and I've been featured in three other blogs already. I couldn't feel happier about it, of course. So, finally, here I am trying to thank all the lovely ladies that featured me in their blog. 
The first time I was featured was at A Couple of Crafts Addicts (Feb. 22) from Heather and Jessica. I haven't thank them properly here with a post, though I've been planning to. They have featured the very first outfit I made for baby G. 

The second feature, happened in the blog Mine for the Making, from Kara. She featured the pants to shorts refashion tutorial

And today I saw I was featured again, with the same tutorial at Amanda's, The Little Giggler

Thank you all, so very much!!! It's a big incentive to keep on doing and sharing my stuff. 

Now all of you, visit those blogs, because they are great. Join their link parties and enjoy it!


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