When things go wrong 1

Sometimes, for one reason or another, our dear projects don't come out as well as we were hoping to. That has happened to me a few times. Today I decided I should share a little of that too. Maybe you can laugh a little...

Right after G. was born, her father kept bugging me about a new bag he wanted for his mobile phone. He got a new one for his birthday, but it was bigger than the previous. The old bag wasn't good enough anymore. So, one day I was done listening to him, and measured the mobile and started the bag.
When he got home again, he got really upset. It was too small...

Damn it! I still don't know how could I get so wrong with that sewing project. I blame it on the fact that G. was just a few days old, I wasn't sleeping much, and felt as tired as never before.

Obviously, I then made a second one. Which was fine. Luckily enough, the first one was just the perfect fit for my own mobile.

this is the final one for him 

both of them. can you see the different sizes? what was I thinking?


back - sorry for the bad picture

and mine. I cheated and used the red trim just because I felt too lazy to change it in the sewing machine


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