Refashion Month: Week One

It's about time to bring this blog back to live... it's been so insipid it bores my own self. 

It is officially opened the Refashion Series here at HOUSE OF ESTRELA. My goal of making at least one refashion every week during this month, started at the first of July. 
Today, one week later, I am HAPPY to say, I have succeed the first week. And right on the last minute I finished my first piece. And since I have finished it by night, I will not post full pictures of the piece just yet. I will try and take some nicer photos on day light tomorrow. 

My first refashion consisted in turning an old pair of pants into a brand new top for myself. Here's a little taste as you wait for nicer photos. 

Detail of one of the front pockets. 
Here's the before:

There was some fabric left - not much though - so I've been wondering: should I make a matching piece for little G.? There's so many clothes left to recycle, maybe I should forget about those scraps. I have to start thinking about the next project. Are you following? 


  1. Ummm.... wow, those pants.... there just aren't words. No wonder you decided to re-fashion them. ;) Can't wait to see the finished top. ;)

  2. hahha... yeah those pants were beyond ugly, I would never wear something like that. it belonged to my sister in law and they have about 21 years old.


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