Refashion Month: Week Two

Sorry, it's been so quite around here when I thought I would have a post full month here. Let me just be honest: I haven't been feeling like blogging that much, although I have so many things to share. 
I was supposed to have a new guest blogger last Monday, but I did not get anything from her and I postponed my own post too. 

Well, to make the second refashion of the month, I used a t-shirt I got from a female motard meeting I went with my sister back in 2010. I am very petite, so the size 14 yrs was too big for me. I kept the t-shirt bacause I always thought I could turn it into something cooler. But not only until now I have touched it again. 
I also had a sweater someone had given me - but I didn't really like - which I kept to make something out of it. I didn't have anything specific in mind. So, when I went looking for the t-shirt and it came across my eyes, I had no doubts what I could use it for. Or at least a part from it. 

Here's what I used and first steps I gave to make it:

I used the back of the t-shirt to make it the front, and so the front was turned to the back. "My Moto" is a shop and I didn't want publicity on the front. 

Here's what I had when the whole process was over. Unfortunately it's a little too baggy for me. I wanted it a bit baggy, not a lot but missed my point. So I either give it to my sister or I have to make it a little smaller yet. 

I made a little refashion for week 3, and the 4th refashion is taking shape already. So, the month is not yet over, and I am already happy that I did it... let's hope I won't mess it up by not finishing the 4th before the end of the month... heheh... 

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