Sewing Challenges (& Sort of Wrap up)

New exciting things are on the way...

Operation Project $0 is on. Check it out HERE. I guest posted for the series too... YEY! Missed it? Go here!

Season 8 of Project Run & Play kicks off tomorrow! So excited to see what everyone come up with. The themes for the 4 weeks of challenge are: Pattern Remix - Candy - Plaid - and - Signature look. I have already done my Pattern Remix outfit, and will be blogging about it in just a few days. I'm still not sure about the second week, but I will join the other two for sure. 

Maratón Telaria - this is sort of a spanish version of PR&P, and I am in to sew along with. There are also 4 weeks, and the themes for this are: Retro - Knits - Bed Time- and - our choice. Starts next month, so I'm excited for this too. 

I might or might not join this one if I can get to sew it mixed up with another of the challenges. This is a challenge hosted by the Spanish blog La Pantigana. And we're supposed to use a really horrible fabric that we might have in our stash, and make something good out of it. Sounds fun and it's a great insentive to use that fabric that we always put back because it isn't just good enough. 

Click on picture!

Another fun series to follow - did you realise I'll be guest posting for this series too?!

Besides, I have a lot to do. My list is big, but I love it! I love to feel challenged, I love that I feel like I belong somewhere... In a near future I am: 

- Testing a pattern

- Reviewing another pattern

- Being part of a Pattern tour

- Doing a guest post for a bloggy friend

- Realising my first FREE pattern

And guess what? I am even considering a winter edition for a Refashion Month series. Is anyone in for this? 

Mmmm... It's been a while since I last blogged about my challenges. I am excited about the next couple of months. It's going to be pretty crazy around here, well, it has actually started already, but it's going to get extra busy since I can't turn down a good challenge. 

It's been a sewing challenging year. It did calm down for Summer though, but I needed to feel motivated and came up with the self Pinterest challenge. AH! I made that post and then never talked about it. The truth is that I didn't keep up with the weekly pin done. Buhhhh!!! But in my defense I have to say that I crossed most of those pins out of my to do list. 

Ever since, I did make the piñata cake, by the end of July for my niece's 6th birthday party. She loved it and everyone thought it was a great birthday cake. I didn't follow any tutorial, I made a cake (two actually) with a recipe I had from a magazine and then decorated as wished. And here's how it turned out.

I did make a pair of Harem shorts for my daughter and most recently I made a pair for my little niece M. Before those two, I made another pair but that was considered a failure and although I've been planning to still blog about it, I haven't done it yet. 

I didn't do the lollipops, I wanted to make them as party favours on my daughter's birthday (late June), but I didn't, so I don't think I will do that anymore. I did print the pattern for the potty training pants, but when I realised my baby was potty trained and those weren't needed anymore. It only took me a month for the whole process. 

And I didn't do the mat exactly, like the one on the pin I showed you, but I did the little pillows and we've used them on tree trunks. It looked so cute. Those were also for my daughter's 2nd birthday. The theme was ladybugs, I have mentioned that when I showed you her outfit for the party. 
That's it for now, but I might be up for something else!!! ;)


  1. Madre mía Magda!!! Yo solo me he apuntado al de telaria y al de la pantugana y me parece mucho.
    Y ahora veo todos los tuyos.... que campeona!!

    Me alegro de estar por aquí otra vez. Un beso

  2. Ahahah! A ver si me atrevo con todo, es que me hacen ilusion estas costas y no les puedo decir que no! Me alegro de volver a verte por aqui. Un besito

  3. Those little cushions are just so cute! We have some tree trunks outside and it would be so cute to do this for a party. And that cake is crazy!

  4. Magda, you are are a very active seamstress!! I am very glad to have at the Marathon!!!

    1. I try to at least! I'm excited about it!

  5. A winter refashion month would be so fantastic! I would participate :)

  6. So keen for a winter refashion month! My sewing list is so busy too, but I love it!


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