Bubble Shorts by DoGuincho Pattern Tour |and some great news|

Today is my turn to show you my version of the Bubble Shorts; which pattern has been recently released by Marta from DoGuincho. I was really lucky, and feel honoured that Marta invited me for her blog tour.

Let me start by saying I really liked the shorts when I first saw them over at DoGuincho's blog, in their first version. And when I knew they'd make great winter shorts I even liked them best. But I always thought, that it was the kind of garment I most likely wouldn't be making for my child. I mean, I loved it on her kids, just didn't think I'd love it in mine. Does it ever happen to you?

... (and) Boy, was I wrong? ...

So, even though I thought that it would be a garment I would probably not sew for my kid, I was excited to be part of the tour and get my hands on it. In my mind, I was going to use it to make a few Christmas gifts. But then I started seeing all the versions other bloggers in the pattern tour were making. And weren't all of them so cute and different?! I had to rethink my goals. I changed my mind. I went to make one for my daughter. If I didn't like it, then I could always donate it or whatever. 

I carefully chose my fabric - black velvet (from my stash of course, this particularly one was given to me by my mother in law a couple of years ago). I wanted something different from what I had seen before, and I wanted something classy. If I wasn't so tight with a lot of projects I would have enjoyed making a matching jacket for those shorts and pair it all with a plain while top. But I had no time, and that will have to come later. 

I had problems getting a decent picture of the details. Turns out black velvet isn't that easy to photograph, being I  not-by-any-chance a professional, having a broken machine that only works half way, the weather being as grey as ashes, this, my friends, was the best thing I got.

So, for this photoshoot I paired it with a shirt she was offered a while ago and surprise... my new Dreaming of Spring blazer, in a winter edition. Go figure! And all together make for my PR&P signature look. 

How come signature look if I wasn't even so sure about the shorts?! Well, yes. After all, this pattern proved to be one of my favorite from the latest I've tried. Everything went together perfectly. It was easy to tape the pattern together, I used a size 2 and it fits my daughter perfectly, which doesn't always happen, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, and I just loved the look of it all and the attention given to details and the entire thing by Marta. Oh, and one great thing about it... they were so quick to put together! I love the velvet shorts on my daughter so much. Hubby or my mom, can't tell anymore... called her little Camões, which made my day. lol 

I don't think I have a signature style. Not yet at least. Or maybe I do, some people have told me they like my style, so there must be something that defines me. What? I still didn't figure out. If you know what that is, then please let me know, so I don't get so freaked out with every Signature look week every season of PR&P. I have mentioned I like to do knock-offs, often refashion... but I believe the thing I really stick to is making wearable clothes for my kid. Clothes that I know will worn over and over. 

So, the big news?! I have created a pattern for this blazer. You might have heard about it, because I had 5 lovely and talented ladies testing it for me (thank you Suzanne, Al, RaeAnna, Max and Shannon), and helping me improving it before it is finally available here in the blog as soon as possible. I was actually hoping to share it today, but with all the sewing to do, and the Refashion Runway competition going, I'm sorry to say you have to wait just a few more days. Please be patient because once it is ready, you can have it for FREE! Size 2 only, sorry! 

Despite the original name, I made a winter version of this blazer jacket. When I first made the first, my daughter used it with a scarf and I really liked the look, even though it has a wide neck, meant for Spring weather. In this blue version, I used flannel inside to keep it warm. You will love the changes the first testers did to it, which I will be showing you pretty soon. 

Now, to the best part for you, and back to the shorts pattern, Marta announced on her blog that
Until September 30th the Bubble Shorts by DoGuincho will be for sale with a special price...Use code RELEASE1 to get 20% off. Grab it while you can!
You can buy the pattern on (my) Etsy Store and - good news - as it is a digital file, the pattern is immediately available for download after payment.

And if you've missed the rest of the tour, it's always time to visit each of the bloggers that have shared their own bubble shorts versions too. Let me tell you, you'll love it and you'll surely will feel the urge to make a pair too. So, visit them, buy the pattern, you're still on time to use the discount and share your bubble love too. 

Sorry, this turned out so long, but I really needed to say it all. I guess that's just me, anyway... 


  1. resultou numa combinação perfeita, sofisticada pelo veludo preto mas muito girlish pelos polka dots e desenho do casaco. Não sabes qual é o teu estilo? Eu acho que o que tu fazes tem uma linha simples nos cortes, mas diferente do habitual que se encontra nas lojas, rica nos detalhes e sobretudo muito prática para vestir os pequenitos ;o) sempre achei esse casaco muito bonito e sem duvida que quem te está a ajudar a e testar irá sem duvida dizer que é uma peça a repetir ;o) Beijinho querida ;o)

  2. Who knew bubble shorts could be fancy!

  3. Muito obrigada Magda pelo teu post.
    Poderia eu querer melhor publicidade?!
    Os calções ficaram fantásticos na tua filha. Espero que ela tenha gostado também...
    E muitos parabéns pela tua pattern! O casacoé girissimo!

    1. Obrigado eu Marta.
      Acabei por descobrir que afinal adoro os calções na minha filhota tb, e se não me tivesses proposto o pattern tour talvez não o descobrisse. Sim, ela tb adorou!
      Quanto ao casaco, estou mortinha por terminar os detalhes que faltam para oferecer o molde! =D

  4. I love this! That jacket is killing me!

  5. Cute! Velvet is perfect now that summer is over. I love how "dressed up" they look!

  6. This is very cute Magda! I love velvet and you have mastered that amazing pattern in velvet! fantastic choice. Also the blazer is so pretty!. brilliant outfit.

    1. Thank you! A while ago I would sew everything in velvet for myself... I still have some of that fabric left, so it's possible that a few more pieces will appear around here.

  7. I love the proportions in this outfit--that little blazer with the bubble of shorts underneath is just darling!

  8. I love this outfit! Those bubble shorts are adorable and who would think to do them in black velvet?? STUNNING! You did a GREAT & beautiful job on those shorts, I love them. The blazer is super cute too :-)

    1. Thank you Tara, those were very nice and encouraging words. =D

  9. So cute! Those shorts are my daughter Zoe's favorites! As soon as they get out of the dryer she puts them on!

  10. The bubble shorts look fabulous teamed with the blazer!!!


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