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Project Run & Play: week 6 |Sew Along|

This is Your Signature Look week at Project Run and Play, and I didn't know what exactly I wanted to make. This is supposed to be what makes our style, and I got confused about what made mine.
I knew I wanted to make a knock it off of a dress coat I had seen on a La Redoute catalogue. I was so in love with it, but appart from that... I had no clue of what to do to complete my outfit.
I just went as I was sewing, searching, and creating. At the end, I was pretty happy with my outfit.

I started with the coat and just went by from there. I really liked the one from the cathalogue, but I am absolutely mad about violet, purples, etc. So for the first time I tried dying some fabric. It turned out pretty well, I loved the colour, though I had hoped for one a little bit darker. I used a white cotton sheet to make the coat, which is fully lined, and for this I used a white flannel sheet too. 
It took me the entire week almost to get the coat done, I didn't work hard on it the last couple of days, then I needed to get new buttons for it and couldn't until  yesterday in the afternoon. It was actually the last thing I finished, I was even afraid it wouldn't be ready for the link party, but I did finish it today! Hurray for me!
I wanted to add something sweet for my girl, so I added a heart patch on the inside of the coat just for her, I was inspired to do so by Max California - so, it's not really my signature on that, but I do love it.
I am so in love with every detail from this dress coat! I mean I just love it! I am so very proud that I made it, and even though it still doesn't fit properly on G. (remember I am making everything one size bigger, 'cause she already has too much clothes at the moment?!) I think she couldn't look sweeter when she wears it. 

So, as I was saying the coat was getting a little behind and that was all I had ready for the week's challenge. Yesterday, I thought it'd better start thinking about something else to complete my outfit. I searched through my pile of clothes to refashion and a floral dress caught my eye. The colours would match perfectly with the coat. At first I thought about making a dress, but then again, baby G. has her share of dresses for summer already. 

I wanted to keep the dress (original) for myself, so I cut it to make it shorter, and used the left overs. I went through the pile again and found a dark blue t-shirt, which I first thought were good to make her a pair of leggings. That would be the perfect solution for me, but it was a 3-4 year old sized t-shirt, so it didn't have enough lenght for the leggings.
I really wanted to use this though, so I started wondering what to do with it. I decided to use it as a top/tunic, together with the leftovers from the dress. I shortened the body and sleeves of the t-shirt to size two.
I had enough left from the blue t-shirt to make her a pair of shorts too. Again, I got her a summer outfit when it is still freezing outside, but that's ok, soon it'll get warmer around here. And, the plus of it all is I get to enjoy my creations a little longer before they stop fitting her. 

While working on this last week challenge I discovered what makes my style, my signature look. Here's the things I usually have in mind:
  • I always make a draft of what I want - but never stick to it
  • I tend to re-use already existing clothes, so refashion is absolutely part of my signature
  • I like to make my own version of pieces I like from magazines/cathalogs/blogs
  • I go with the flow after I start cutting and imagine all through the process
  • I like to create simple and very comfy and wearable clothes with a small outstanding detail (example: the little sleeve ruffles in the tunic)
And that's it. Sorry so long! Now go check on everyone else's creations! 


  1. Wow....that coat looks like a replica of the original one. Excellent knock-off :).

  2. Gorgeous, so gorgeous Magda ! Loved a lot. Gab is a lucky girl ;o)

  3. Thank you ladies! I am so proud of the coat, really! I'm in love! ;)

  4. Adorei o conjunto! O casaquinho ficou perfeito! Melhor que o original!
    Ela ficou linda com o conjunto! Parabéns!

  5. O casaquinho ficou lindo, lindo. Adorei.


  6. that coat is AMAZING!!! Wowwowowowow, great job once again!

  7. obrigado meninas.
    Isa- melhor que o original? Uau! Que ficou quentinho e fofinho,lá isso ficou e o original parece ser mais primaveril.
    Mamã Petra- depois temos q ver qq coisinha para a mafaldinha, não? beijinhos

  8. Suzanne Winter - Thank you so much!!! =)

  9. That coat is just amazing! Lovely job! Even though it's one size too big right now, it still looks absolutely adorable on your daughter. =) I love the heart patch on the inside. =)

  10. I am so impressed with the little coat! The color is gorgeous and it is even prettier than the catalog coat. I think the little shorts outfit is darling, too.

  11. The jacket is so cute and such a great color. I am impressed that you drafted your own pattern, made it a size up, and then spent nearly a week on it. BY the time I had finished it, I would've been finished.
    I spent some sleepless nights working on my signature style, but then I didn't have enough fabric to finish and with what I did have, it wouldn't have given the dress justice. So way to stick with it.

  12. Again ladies: THANK you so much for all the nice comments. If I was so proud of my coat before, you can't image how I am proud after all your comments!

  13. That coat sure looks like a lot of work! The dress redo is cute too. My sister is also always reusing all sorts of her own clothing to make things for me niece and she does Project Run & Play too. Nice job!

  14. Great job in using clothing you already had. I would like to get better at that. You are an inspiration.

  15. Sparkling - Thank you. My recycling clothes love is recent, I used to sew everything from scratch for many years. Hence to that I have a full stash I want to use soon.
    Donna - thank you. I visited your blog and really liked it too. =)

  16. I LOVE the coat! The heart detail is just precious. Well done!

  17. I like your coat better than the original! The color is adorable and I love all the little details. I love that the shirt and top match, but aren't too matchy matchy! Good job!
    Thanks for linking up!

  18. We featured you on our blog. Thanks for sewing along!
    With Love,

  19. Again and again: Thank you ladies!
    Olga - a lot of people think it is reversible because of the heart, it isn't but it could be, it's perfectly finished on the inside too. =)
    Heather - That's so great to hear (read!)again that someone loves my version better than the original.
    Shaffer Sisters - Thanks for featuring me. =)

  20. omg that coat is adorable! Love the dress too - great refashion.

    Thanks for linking up to Refashion Friday!

  21. A fabulous refashion, Magda!!! The coat is great, but I just adore the shorts and top.

  22. I enjoyed reading about your creative process !

  23. Beautiful!!! That coat is really special, how long did it take to make it!?!?

    1. Thank you Alida! I can't tell for sure anymore, but I've spent a few hours around it. first I had to dye it, then draft the pattern, and I knew it took me a couple late evenings around it, because I only sew when G. is napping or when she sleeps at night. As I said on the post it took me the entire week to get it finished, but of course I wasn't sewing the entire days!

  24. OMG adorable yet again! Thank you for contributing to Refashion First Friday!

    & Refashion Co-Op Editors

  25. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Max... did I tell you I'm your fan? ;)


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