New Challenges for me

I'm up for all the challenges I see lately. I don't care if I'm not competing for anything, I'm just enjoying sewing along every challenge I come across lately. 

I have finished the Sew in Tune outfit last night, I still have to get some nice shoots of it before I can share. I am considering auditioning for SewVivor and just a few minutes ago I came across this Pinterest Challenge over at Merrick's Art
What is it about? Taking 6 of your pins on Pinterest and make them through the next 6 weeks. Let's stop pinning and just stare at the inspiring images; let's actually make them! I take the challenge, but I admit it was a little hard for me to choose the 6 projects I would accomplish (or try to, at least!). Eventually I made my choice, here they are:

1 - A Father's day activity to make with baby G. 
2 - A new cell phone cover for V. - he's been asking for ages!
3 - Chocolate cookies
4 - Cell phone holder
5 - A placket!I've been wanting to add one to my sewing project for a while now. 
and 6. Copy this Robin Scherbatsky (How I met Your Mother, right?!) look... I only need to get the dress. 

Will I make it? Will I not? Stay around to find out!

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  1. Those cell phone holders are really cute! I'll be doing the challenge also--nice to "meet" you :-)


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