Flamenco Dress + Auditioning!

Auditions for Sew-vivor season 2 at Family Ever After... have started today and I have been waiting until the very last minute to make up my mind. I wasn't quite sure if I would try the auditions or if I'd just sew along the challenges. After a lot of thinking I decided I'll go for it, trying won't do me harm and who knows? Maybe I could make it to the Top 10? - let me dream a little, ok?

We can audition with something we have made before. First I was in shock, I went looking through all the things I have done, they are so many, from the simpliest thing you can imagine to corsets and underbusts! But I chose someting that's very dear to me: my first Flamenco dress!

I'm half Spanish, my father's from Huelva, in the south of Spain, near Seville. There is a huge tradition of Romerias, a religious event that takes place every year. I grew up making part of that. I too wore my flamenco dresses when I was younger and we lived there, and wearing a flamenco dress just makes you feel beautiful and special. They are magic and a little like princesses dresses.

My daughter was 11 months old by the time of my dad's village Romeria. A few months before the event I had decided I would make her a flamenco dress too. Her cousin had one so I made hers copying the cousin's. The fabric I used was equal, and I tried to make it as much as the original, just smaller =)

Here they are, my niece using hers (bought) and my baby using hers (made by ME). The typical pants and suspenders from the nephew were made by me as well). I had shared a little about those two projects here, but had never showed the final results yet.

Flamenco dresses aren't easy to make though. Not everyone can make a genuine flamenco dress. And I'm not saying mine is, but I was pretty happy with what I achieved! Even my supplies were bought in Spain (Huelva). My mom's boss gave me a few tips on the supplies, things that are typical to the dress that I didn't know before.

When I started the dress, I thought about making a tutorial, because I didn't find any when I searched for one online, but let me tell you, I was so involved in the ruffles, that after some point I just forgot to keep registering all the steps. It is all about the ruffles, dear god! And this was only a 12 months old dress. 
Here's what I got though. I started by drafting my own pattern as usual. Cut the pieces: 3 to make the front, 4 to make the back. Both in polka dots fabric and plain blue fabric for the lining.

Sewed all pieces together by the sides and then on the shoulders.

Then I started cutting the ruffles, and again, I got way too lost to keep taking photos of the steps. 


  1. Mira que guapas, niña!
    Lo sabias que tanbién yotiengo una costilla castellana?
    y Olé!

  2. boa sorte!!
    dei ocntigo na link party do blog refashion co-op.

  3. So adorable.. both dresses and both girls.

    1. Thank you... indeed they are adorable!!! =)

  4. It's so cute and SO ruffly! I love sewing boy's clothes but I am totally coveting these ruffles right now. I hope you make it into the top ten. I feel like you would bring a really unique flavour to the competition.

  5. Thank you Mikelina! ahahaha indeed it is a pretty ruffly project! Oh, thanks for your kind words, I'd really like that too, but there are so many great sewists out there auditioning too. Wish you good luck too!

  6. Your dress is beautiful! I can see how the flamenco dresses make little girl feel special, they are so pretty!

    1. Thank you Annie! =) I still have my first one, it was orange with white polka dots. =)


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