One Project Fits Two (or three!)

Yep! When I made a commitment with myself about following as much sewing challenges as I could, I knew at some point, I could use turning one only project into two (or more who knows?!) challenges done. 

So, first challenge

Over at Project Run & Play, there's a new Pattern Remix Party going on until the 8th of March. As soon as I took the first glance at the Jess' Spring Fever Pattern  I knew exactly what I wanted to make for my daughter. Of course, I changed my original design as I started and went trhough with it. I spent all my little free moments from yesterday sewing this new outfit. 

To make it I used a blue cotton sheet, and a fat quarter polka doted cotton fabric, that I already had in my stash. As well as the buttons on the placket and the elastic on the waistband. I didn't lined it, I wanted to keep it pretty fresh(y) for Summer. I thought it would be a little too big right now, but I guess she has developed physically lately. I used the Sping Fever Dress pattern for the bodice, and I used the shorts pattern I drafted myself for the Sew in Tune outfit
I had some pockets planned for the shorts (front pockets on the sides) but can you believe I actually forgot to make and add them before I attached the waist band?! 
Anyway... I am kinda mad about a few things in this oufit that didn't go that well. I could have fixed them, I know I could have, but most of it my made last evening, it was about 1a.m. when I actually finished this and I was not in the mood to unpick seams and re-do it all over again, and still I did do that a few times, I kept messing up with such an easy thing as putting my shorts together. dahhhh!
Besides the pockets that I forgot about, I am unhappy with the picks on the back of the romper. On that rounded area, can you see them in the pictures? It makes a very badly finished look, but again, I wasn't really in the mood to unpick seams and guess what? It is wearable! 
The next thing that got me upset about it was the front placket, and that leads me to the...

Second challenge

Here, when I announced the 6 projects I have pinned and would try to do, there was listed as number 3, a very cute placket, right?! 
Well, that's actually the first thing I got done out of the six of them. The tutorial for my pin came from The Crafty Cupboard, but honestly, I only had a look at the images and guess-timated how to make it. Of course I messed up with measurements and it didn't turn out as pretty as it was supposed to. But, I tried it though, it was only the very first placket I made, I'm sure, I'll try it again later and hopefully they'll be better. 

As if wasn't things enough, today, when I tried to put it on her for the photoshoot, I realised I didn't leave space anywhere to actually put it on her. Luckily enough for me, the wide of the colloar plus the placket fully opened were enough to slide her little body in and squeezing arms I made it - luckily for me, she was very helpfull and didn't complain at all. It was way easier to take off though. 
So, because of that, I might still have to undo one of the side seams under arms and insert a zipper, just to make it more confortable to baby G. to put in on. 

One project:
Project Run & Play - checked


  1. I think it's cute--I love the colors/dots!

    1. Thank you... I just realized I am making a lot of blue clothes for her... =)

  2. Very cute! I like the polka dot fabric with the solid blue.

    1. Thank you Deborah! Just visited your blog =)

  3. Very cute! I was hoping that someone would make the Spring Fever dress into a romper! ~ Major Moma

    1. Thank you! There you have a romper! hehe

  4. Pues te ha quedado muy bien a pesar de todos los problemas que has tenido Magda. Los colores son muy bonitos.


    1. Gracias María, me podria haber quedado mejor pero estaba demasiado cansada para deshacer todo y coser de nuevo. =( Beso

  5. despite the problems the final result is very charming. ;o)

  6. So cute! Love that it's a romper!

  7. Way to multi task!!!! Its adorable!


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