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If you haven't realised yet, the Sew-vivor competition has kicked off today. The 10 contestants are sharing wonderful projects, it is so hard to vote! I picked my favourite and voted for it, but first I had a hard time to choose who/what that would be. Go there, check it and vote too

My own project has been ready for about a week or so. I am really proud of my own creation, especially because it's been a while since I did anything for me. It's been all about my little girl, and I've been neglecting all the rest (nephew, nieces and myself). That's something I have to work on soon and am already making plans for. 

Anyway, I had this ugly vintage dress/skirt don't even know what to call it really waiting for me in the refashion pile for far too long. I loved the colour, since the very first moment my in law handled it to me, in a bag full of 80's clothes, lots of polka dots included. That was heaven for me. I even used one of those pieces in a previous refashion, here, if you want to check it out. 

I started with this uglyness here:

and turned it into this lovely new dress. 

I was really confused on how/where to start, I didn't even know exactly what I wanted to make with it, but just as always, I ended up with something a little different from what I first imagined. My first thought, was to turn it into a mini vest and a bubble skirt. Now, I am glad I didn't, because I need new dresses in my collection. 

I made my mind after going through a few of my Burda's. I picked the dress above pattern to do my own. I had to re-adjust the sizing, even the smaller size they were giving wasn't small enough for me. I have no breast at all, but I am quite lucky to have something to show on the back, if you know what I mean, so it is really hard to find a dress pattern that would fit me on both places. 
Anyway, you don't care about it. I re-sized Burda's pattern to fit me and made a few changes to the original version, such as adding a belt. I love my belt, do you love my belt?! And I added a strap around the neck. 
I took pictures to the whole transforming process and soon (I hope!) I will be sharing my how-to here. For now, here's a few more pictures of my newest dress. 
No sewing failures for me this time! hehe


  1. Wow!!! This is a super job! I never think that this beautiful dress was so ugly before another.

    1. thank you Rosy, that's what I like most about refashioning =D

  2. Amazing!!!!! I don't even recognize the original dress. Really great job.

  3. This is such a cute dress! I'm amazed you made that from a giant, frumpy dress! I was thinking about sewing along, but I wasn't inspired by emerald this week.
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you. I wanted to sew along no matter what, and it was just the perfect excuse to re-use this old dress.

  4. Wow this is amazing. Yes, I love the belt! Incredible refashion!!

    1. Thanks Kaitlin! =) I love when a refashion turns out so good!


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