My thoughts on Placket Pockets tonight

Don't you just hate when something doesn't come out the way you want to? I do! And I'm not going to make any mistakes today. It's gonna be perfect!

I've been practising doing placket pockets here. I need to make a couple for the project I am working at the moment. I don't do one for years, plus I haven't done more than 3 in my entire life, and I was going to make the first one on the final piece, but then found myself scared of messing up the whole thing, since a few of my latest projets didn't go as well as hoped... (here)

Good thing there is a lot of great tutorials out there just to remind us how to do things the right way. Though it's not quite as I used to make them, I'm going to try to follow this tutorial now. I've also been reading a Burda book I got, but again, why do I find Burda's indications so hard to follow? I usually get even more confused after I read them. =/ and I'm glad to know I am not the only one thinking so.

So, off I go to try to get a perfect placket pocket. ;D


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