Saving while sewing

How do I save while I sew? Besides all things I have been saying in previous posts, using and re-using all that I already have at home (fabric bought years ago, accumulated stash that other wise would lay there forever,etc); I have another trick to share. 
Once some piece of clothes is settle to go to the garbage because it really is something that can't be used anymore, I literally deconstruct it and keep all zippers, buttons and anything else worth saving. Most of the times I get really good quality zippers that last forever, nice coloured ones too, which I sometimes can't find at stores locally. 
Same goes for buttons, in very curious shapes and colours, and just like elastics. 
Why I am talking about it now? Oh, because I was organizing my zipper drawer and realised they didn't fit properly anymore. A lot of them still had their original fabric attached to it, and my job today as G. is napping was going to unstitch them all. 
Of course, I am bored already, so I choose to write about it instead. Most of the zippers on the above picture are from very old bags of mine. 
What about you? Do you do it too? Do you have any good tips to save while you sew?


  1. I do that too! I reuse as much as I can from old clothing. And I usually buy fabric from the thrift store, on sale, or get it as a gift. That helps a lot with saving money!

    1. I always tell everyone they can give me fabric as birthday or christmas gifts but they never do =(

  2. tambem costumo aproveitar tudo e mais alguma coisa. nao va um dia ser preciso.
    uma dica em relacao aos zippers: outro dia fiz uma mala (que esta aqui: http://www.doguincho.blogspot.pt/2013/03/pregas-pleats.html) de uma almofada do ikea e aproveitei o fecho tal e qual como estava. por vezes mais vale nao desfazer tudo, tudo...

  3. obrigado pela dica! Já tinha visto esse post da mala. Gostei muito da ideia das pregas e estou a pensar usá-la em breve num vestido. =) Neste caso, os meus zippers, foram retirados de malas e outros que foram para o lixo, mas qd guardo uma peça inteira, tb não lhe retiro o zipper. =D


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