One vest from two Shirts

When I started the green pants refashion, I immediately started a refashioned vest too. The one above, yes. It was suppoused to be a match, and having G. wearing them together, at the same time! Well, I am putting that that clear because she never did and I deeply doubt she will. As I mentioned before, the pants are getting too small for her and she hasn't even wear the vest once. Why?
That's an easy one to answer. Her lovely, dear mommy, left the vest to finish until just a few days ago. Shame on me!!! Especially because there was only decorative seams left to finish. Which I did, while she went with my mom to the grocery store. And it took me just a few minutes.
I made it out of two knit tops I was given a while ago. Unfortunately I forgot to take before pictures. The one I used as lining was a brown turtle neck top and the the white and green one I used for the outside, was a very large tunic.
I even made a complain about this vest before, I had a blackout and was having a hard time figuring out on my own hoe to turn the lined vest to the right side. The tutorial I found there was very helpful. 


  1. Ooh that patterned fabric is gorgeous! Great job! Too bad about wearing that at the same time!


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