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I'm not much of a Summer girl. Not this Summer over here. It's too hot for the poor me. I like Autumn best, I like Spring, but I don't like Summer that much; I used to love Winter, but it kills me now. 

Somehow though, even knowing Winter's still here, I'm only thinking and imagining Summer clothes. 

It's been a while since I sewed for myself. I guess the last thing I made for me was the dress for my cousin's wedding last year. I might have done a small refashion here or there, but a full garment I don't do for ages. Or at least it feels like so. 

I remember I felt like I didn't have a lot of interesting clothes last Summer. I mean, I do have a lot of pieces, I just don't think they'd make sense together. I missed skirts and dresses, so last year yet, I started planning some summer dresses refashions. I had this pink top my niece gave me, I wore it a few times but I just couldn't feel too confortable with it. And I needed dresses, right?

What to do? Grab a stripe of black knit fabric I had here for ages, and just attach one to another. I started it last year, I did cut the stripe and pin it to the top, but that's it. It just stood there, to finish until a couple of days ago. I finally sewed it on the machine and I also did a little altering on the stripes, I disliked the wood rings on it... balhhh... So after all these months and though I won't be wearing it so soon, I am happy I got myself a brand new dress. Too bad it is too cold to model it for you!

I even created a colour blocking or whatever that is!!! hahaha... I'm sooooo away from fashion!

Anyway, another YAY for me for completing a started project and going through my stash and own closet! =) 


  1. Nice refashion ;o) I feel exactly as you, our summer is too hot.

    1. yeah... blahhhh for this summer =(

  2. I love the colorblocking! This is a great refashion!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. I'm really not much of a pink girl but I admit, I like it a lot! =)

  3. Love it! Again this was one of our top posts on Refashion First Friday. Thank you for contributing!

    & Refashion Co_op Editors

    1. Thanks! It's a pleasure to share with you guys!


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