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On the last Sunday of every month, there is a second hand market on a small village nearby. I use to go there because I love to find some little treasures. Sometimes I go there searching for a specific item, but most of the time I just go and look at all the beautiful things I (unexpectedly) find there. 

Last month I went searching for cheap knits to make baby G. her Carnival outfit - ooppppsss I still haven't bloged about that - and we were there again today. The two of us. 

Most of all I went searching for thrift clothing. I didn't care much of the sizes because I was mainly interested in getting some knits and some colours I needed. Those colours were emerald and mustard. I did find the green, and there was a shirt in yellow but not quite refashionable for me, so I passed. Sadly is not an easy colour to find there, maybe next month. 


What did I buy there?! Let's see... 

1 - An amazing short brown dress |2€| and it's an S... how lucky I was?! Still I think I might have to take a few inches on the sides to perfectly fit my slim figure

2 - This caught my eye because it was red... with polka dots! Yay, it made my day even before I discovered it was actually a corset! I l o v e corsets. It's an M, and I might have to re-do very boring seams but it is worth is. It looks almost new and it says me me me all over it! |2€|

3 - If there is something I love after polka dots, it has to be stripes. Me buying this shirt came after I seen the number 8 girl's shirt. I thought they were just a perfect match for me to create a mom and daughter look. I don't do that for far too long. |1€|

4 - I just loved this top and got it. |#4+#7+#8 = 1€|

5 - As I've already mentioned above, this shirt had the green I found. I first wanted it for a refashion, I loved the lace around the collar, and it's elastic, but it looks so beautiful as it is, that I might keep it like that or if maybe, just do a little upcycling on it. |1€|

6 - Dark blue shirt. It's an M but fits me well. Will keep it as it is. I found out I'm trying to find my own style (STILL!!! shame on me!) and I need a few basics to compose my dreamed looks (I swear I am trying!). |1€|

7 - A 8 year old sized skirt, absolutely to refashion into something for G.  |#4+#7+#8 = 1€|

8 - As said on number 3.  |#4+#7+#8 = 1€|

Total cost of my finds was 8€
Not bad, right?! 

Now let's hope I won't take too long to fix/refashion whatever I have to from this list, because I am not suposed to get any new stash into my thin, remember? I think I've been working quite well into it so far! Wish me luck! hehehe


  1. Really cute stuff--can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Thank you Tara. I have a few ideas =)


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