Reviewing my 2015 goals

I wanted to do this about a month ago, as a half year balancing of the goals I would try to complete during this year. The thing is that 2015 is past half way through (still can't believe it!), and I am not too happy with myself. I promised to do my best to get my goals done, but I don't think I have. More than anything, I've been overwhelmed, just it. Even with so much less to do, the feeling just won't let go. 

So, anyway... my #1 goal was: Sew more of what my kids need - I believe this is the only goal that more or less has been acomplished. By passing a lot of pattern test calls with garments that they don't need, I focused on the ones we liked best and were actually missing. It hasn't been perfect, but it's the goal I can feel more proud of. 

#2 goal: Sew more for myself - I made myself a shirt, a pair of shorts, a bikini and a dress (haven't blogged about this last one yet). I could have been doing more. I still have 5 months left to work on that, so hopefully, I can at least equal the amount of clothes I sewed myself last year. 4 in 7 months is not a lot. 

#3 goal: Sew for the husband - zero. That's all I have to say. I've purchased some fabric just for him, though... 

#4 goal: Sew presents ahead - I was doing so well until around May, then I just got behind and I have no more gifts ready to give. 

#3 goal: Sewing for my house - I can't really think of anything I've done for my house right now. Maybe I haven't done anything at all. 

Apart from the goals I mentioned I also wanted to keep sewing from my stash and refashioning, saving as much as I could as always. But I just couldn't do it. With the excuse of having a wedding to sew for, I went to Spain a few times, shopping for fabric and in all those times I brought more than I should. I also bought a few fabric pieces locally and even online, which is something I don't usually do. I've also been taking note of how much I spend on sewing and craft supplies and that'ssomething I will only check (total) by the end of the years. I believe I've been spending more than I ever did the previous years, it's like I was hunger to buy, just because. 


  1. It's not at all bad to buy sometimes more than you actually want. Always can save rest of the year :)

    1. I guess not, but I've commited to use from my stash only for the last couple of years, so it feels pretty weird that I actually bought this many already in just a few months.

  2. Awesome! I love the goal of passing on pattern testing and focusing on what your kids need. I didn't even know the world.of pattern testing until this year and I'm already aware of how it gets in the way of sewing for what one really needs. I do like it, but I definitely need to be better at balancing. :) I've got some shorts made for my hubby, but they need to be hemmed. Love that you have that as a goal!

    1. I've been pattern testing for a couple years already and I miss the freedom of sewing whatever I want to, whenever I want to. It started by being really hard to let a test call pass, but it's getting so much easier now. It's like when you have a very cluttered house and start declutering. It's like a freedom feeling I am enjoying. I hope I won't give into temptation soon.

  3. I haven't sewn all that I have wanted either. I have a bunch of fabric for me, but I have gained weight and don't want to make anything really. I need to lose at least 10 pounds before I think I will feel like it. As for my stash...I have bought a lot this year...more than I wanted! I have so much fabric that needs to get sewn up. I have some quilting cottons that are going to be sewn up for charity. I really need to get on back to school sewing, too. Just not sure what they need right now, so I need to assess!


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