Sneak Peak: Mom & Daughter Dress II

One of my goals for 2012, is to use that huge pile of fabrics I've been acumulating for too long. 

So far, I have used the stripped leftovers from my dress to make G.'s dress, and that's pretty much what I did. 

A second goal for 2012 in craft matters, is to finish several projects I have started, really excited about them, but have left unfinished and forgotten in a dark box... poor projects. 

So, trying to catch up those two goals, I have finished a dress I had started way over two years ago, and I am right now in the middle of using the leftovers from that same fabric to make G.'s a new dress. Matching mine, of course. 

Here wasn't finished yet... 
Here's a little sneak peak, I hope soon, I'll be able to show you both dresses. 


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