Tutorial: Recycled Ribbon Organizer

Have you ever found yourself drawning in lots of ribbons, all messed up?! Did you? And did you wonder how the hell can I organize them all?

Well, that's surely what happened to me, when I found myself bringing home those lovely ribbons. So, I had to come up with an idea to organize them. And after just a little time, I discovered my solution. 

Do you want to try too?!

Here's what you'll need:
1 paper toillet roll
packages card (you can use the ones from your cereal box)
glue tape, any kind

Start by cutting a piece from your roll. Or as many as you want to make. You might want to cut the width according to your ribbons width.

Then fold your card and cut a circle a little bigger than the roll.

 You've got the 2 circles you need for your ribbon organizer.

Add some glue tape all around the roll. You can add one by one too, just like I did.

And start gluing it to one of the circles.

Once you've glued it all around, you can start glueing the other circle. It will give you a little bit more trouble than the first but not much.

Use your scissor's edge to make some holes in the card, both sides of course... 

And the organizer it's done. See how easy it was? Now you can go and make yourself as many as you'd like to.

To start rolling your ribbon into place, you can use a little tape in the edge, so it won't move from its place.

 Fill it with your gorgeous ribbons and display them wherever you can. I still have to find a way to keep mine, but I am thinking about using a shoe box, and wire to keep all my ribbons in place. Of course, I will share if I do so!!!


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