A Dreamcatcher Mobile

A couple of weeks ago I bought the latest number of one of my favourite magazines, and I read about this contest. Participants are suppoused to create a baby mobile to enter. I thought it was pretty interesting and decided to try myself, too. The greatest thing about it, is that all the mobiles sent for the contest, will be donated to a child Institution. I actually wanted to participate with more than one, not to have more chances to win but to donate more than just one. 
So, I wanted to make my mobile but was kind of running out of ideas. I tried to search for some inspiration online and ended up on a youtube video teaching how to make a native american inspired dreamcatcher. I thought that was very interesting and that I could do something nice out of it. 
I totally re-created what I saw and learnt from that video. I used the same technique, but I used complete different colours for the dreamcatcher. It turned out like this:
Then I had to decide how to turn a dreamcatcher into a nice baby mobile. And after some thinking I came with up with an idea for my project. At the edges of every stick I added a heart. Half of them were made of fabric and stuffed, and the other half were made of fabric decorated felt. 

I loved it so much... and so did baby G. She wanted and would have played with with if I had allowed her to. I used her mobile support to take my pictures, it actually would wonderful in her room, actually the polka dot fabric was used in her blanket, pillow and curtains, and for a moment I thought I could keep this mobile and make another one for the contest. But nope, this is the one I'll send. I have until October 10th to do so, but I want to send it as soon as possible. It's already packaged!
Wish me luck, though I'll feel equally happy if I don't win. 

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