It Smells Like Christmas Already

Yes it does. And it feels good. 

A few weeks ago, I FINALLY finished my Tilda Santa Claus. I started it about a year ago now. I wanted it for my last Chritmas, but it wasn't possible to finish on time and then I just kep postponing. I would look at it and think: it's still a few months to Christmas, and there's this or that to do first. And it went like this for almost a year.
But it's September. It is that time of the year when I start thinking about Christmas and making deco items and gifts for my dearest ones. Somehow I am even more enthusiastic about creating seasonal items than I had been before, so here's a bit more of my finished Santa:

I can consider this a little refashion too, because I used an old red corset (I had made long ago) for the Tilda's clothes. And yes, I did cut a corset to make a doll's clothes if you're wondering. I didn't wear it for years because it's ziper broke... And I just new I wouldn't be fixing it so soon. 


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