The Bumblebee Tunic

In my previous post, I shared a few pictures of the tunic I made using the Bumblebee dress pattern. I was thinking about doing the "view A" version of the pattern at first, I even cut the fabric for the sleeves, but then I got thinking. This was my niece I was going to make a dress for. mmmm... a dress with ruffles on it. Ok, wait! I couldn't make a dress with ruffles for that 6 year old tom boy... I swear to you, she's worth than boys playing football, she's got a bulky voice, much too bulky for her small body, she doesn't play with dolls... so... you get the point. Don't get me wrong though, when she wants to, she likes to dress really girly... but no ruffles! So, I changed my mind about the desing half way the cutting. 

Since the days are still burning hot over here, and she likes tunics, I decided to make her one. This pink fabric was perfect for her. She likes pink unlike myself. This fabric was in my stash for a while now, mother-in-law gave it to me... but do I have to say it again? I don't like pink (you wouldn't tell according to my latest posts right?!). 

Anyway, I don't exactly know what material this fabric is made of, but it is a light, a little creasy, and fresh. When I chose to go for the tunic, I hesitated for a few seconds, if I'd use the lining or not. It was late and all I wanted was to get it done so I could take it with me the next day and have her modeling it. 

We had a quick photoshoot just before I had to leave... she didn't even change the shorts she was wearing while playing out, and she wasn't wearing shoes... But you get an idea of how it looks on my just turned 6 year old. She wore it out with leggings the evening before. 

Changes I made... I've left the sleeves off, used buttons on the front and used a single piece as back, I skipped the folded seam and I sewed a narrow short zig-zag to finish. And, I also used 3 buttons to close the bodice. And, of course, I added seam pockets (see tutorial here) on the sides. They turned out a little bit too small for her hands, but are cute anyway. hehehe I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but those buttons are pinapples I happened to have in my buttons stash for a few months too. 

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  1. Cutest buttons! And I love the fabric and how you made it so personal for her! I bet she loves it!


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