Operation Project 0$ 2013 & My Inspiration Boards

Did you know? Suzanne, over Winter Wonderings... Wanderings and Whatnot is hosting what might be one of my favourite series from the sewing blogosphere. And I am so honoured that she thought of me to make part of this, I'm a big fan of hers. It was actually really funny (for me at least), because I had posted something about creating a Fall/Winter collection for me and baby G. like two days before Suzanne contacted me. But that was posted in my portuguese mommy blog, which I don't think she follows. 

Check out this line up!
Frances Suzanne

You can read about the origination of Operation Project $0 HERE or about this year's HERE. 
So, isn't that a great line up? 
Aren't you excited to see what all of us will create for the closest to 0$ we can get?! 

For now, I am sharing my inspiration boards. 

This is the one I made for myself. Going through all I already have I realised there's one item I really need, which is a coat. And I'd like to make myself one similiar to any of the three I've attached to my board, though I admit I have a special thing going on with the brown one. I realised I don't need to get myself anything else, but I must learn how to use what i already have, since I tend to just grab the first thing and go. 

I also went through my daughter's clothes to better see what she needed. Let me tell you, this girl's got the wonder wardrobe many of us would like to have. First of all, I am sharing the inspiration board for her. Yeah, there are mainly robes! A costume and a fur vest. 

I will tell you why! I took all of her Winter clothes, at least the ones she had until a couple of weeks ago (yep, she's got some new ones already that won't be shared in this post!), and try to count everything up. You'll be surprised. As surprised as I was! She's got hell too many clothes already. She gets a lot of hand-me-downs from her cousins (because turns out she's the youngest), and from friends too (everyone around me has a little girl slightly older than mine, so I can consider myself pretty lucky). And then, she's a girl right? Who doen't like to get new girly clothes? Everyone, of course. And she always gets a lot for Christmas and Birthdays. So, for Fall/Winter 2013-2014, here's what she already has:

Skirts, romper dresses, dresses... 

Sportwear and pajamas

sweaters, dresses, hats, etc

Coats, jackets, boleros, etc... 

Pants, leggings, more sportswear, shorts...

So, that's not much I really need to make for her. I am sure I will be sewing pretty clothes for her, for the next couple of months though, because, let's face it: I love sewing for her. There is Project Run & Play coming soon, oh so soon, and I have a few more things going on that request sewing for her... =) 
I just hope you'll stay around to see what I'll make her for Operation Project 0$ and I hope you'll like it and get some inspiration from us all. 

Oh! If you're wondering what's with the fur vests in our inspiration boards, I tell you. I got a huge vintage fur coat that belonged to my mom and I'm dying to turn it into matching vests for us. I didn't in 2011 because she was too little and would easily grow out of it; I didn't do it in 2012 because she got a purple fur vest that year already, and I might or might not do it in 2013 because the damn purple vest still fits her. 

Now, get inspired and link your inspiration and ideas HERE


  1. awesome inspiration - and no... I don't read your other blog, guess it just proves that great minds think alike ;o) I can't believe how much clothing you already have for your daughter - that ROCKS! And it means that you can really focus on super fun or stand out pieces! And I love the coats you have picked for you!!!

  2. Those coats are just what I would pick out for myself. So pretty! I'm planning to make McCall's 6800 because it's got that same silhouette.


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