|Refashion Runway| Week 3: Peplum

So, this is the third week of Refashion Runway and I can say it has been my personal little hell week. I've been thinking what would I make with the peplum theme since I knew I was a contestant. I knew this wouldn't be an easy one for me, but I wasn't counting with a sick kid, and being sick myself too, while trying to come up with a design that would please me. The hardest part? I'm not very fond of peplums. 

I tried. I grabbed a t-shirt and a sweat shirt from hubby I was saving for so long... and just let me tell you... now I feel sorry I used them. I had in mind a comment from someone else, who said she didn't care for the children refashions because she had no children and it wasn't inspiring for her. I don't know why, but that got to me, I kept thinking about it, so I tried and did a dress for myself. The only problem is that I hated it. I finished the thing and took a few photos, though I didn't like a single one of them. I had given up already, I was using that as it was. 

But then, suddenly, on wednesday morning I woke up better. I knew I wasn't ready to just give up. I knew that dress wasn't the best I could get and I wasn't going to just be ok with it. I had something else in mind. And it would be for my daughter. I mean, it may not be inspiring for some, but I'm sure that there will be a few moms appreciating. And besides, I had to stay true to my heart. And oh, am I so happy with the results?! The argument that refashioning grown up's clothes to kids clothes is just resizing them doesn't seem right to me, because that's the same thing you do when turning men's clothes to women's clothes, right?!

And I did the shorts peplum! And it looks so very cute on my little miss. Not to mention how much she loved it! So much she didn't want to take it off after the photoshoot. That made me a winner. I don't care if my refashion will be the least voted, I made something that my kid loves and that is payless.

Oh, I also refashioned a top to go with the shorts. Wanna see how I made them? Here we go. Let's start by the shorts:

I've cut the long bottom stripe into two. One for each side of the shorts. 

And the top was pretty easy, I didn't focus in doing something too elaborated. First, because I was short on time, and then because I just wanted to match my shorts. 

And I just couldn't finish this, without showing you how much fun my crazy 2 year old had later, jumping and rolling and dancing in her new peplum. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to enjoy my peplum as much as she enjoyed hers. Now please, click HERE and vote for your favorite. 


  1. I applaud your efforts, if I had to try to come up with an adult peplum.....ugh! (I also am not a fan of the peplum trend.)
    I like your little tike refashion (and always do, even though I have boys.) Please stay true to yourself, that is what makes this space yours.

  2. Great job! Your daughter looks adorable...I love how her peplum moves with her!

  3. This is so SO cute!! And it's easy to see your daughter loves the whole outfit! Refashions from adult clothing to childrens clothing are just as inspiring to me as any other kind of refashions - it's all about creativity and using what is in front of you, and you are doing that so well. Great job - and I hope both of you are feeling better now.

    - Jo H. (my name on the Renegade Seamstress blog)

  4. This is so super cute! I hope you and your daughter are both feeling better soon.

  5. How precious! This is such a sweet outfit! Bravo, Magda, for sticking with what you felt was best and especially for coming back from such a rough week! You do amazing work and I think it is awesome that your little girl benefits from your talents- what a wonderful mommy you are! I hope you are your sweetheart are completely recovered by now! Blessings!

  6. Sorry you had a rough week. I'm impressed that you stuck it through and followed your heart to make something for your daughter. It's very cute.

    1. Thanks Trish! It was fairly easier this week. =D

  7. Yes I was super sick too! You were not alone. I hope you are feeling better!! This refashion is great and I think your daughter looks precious. As for the comment regarding the children's refashions from adult clothing, is just plain ridiculous. Any sewing can be as difficult or easy as you make it. I've sewn children stuff that was really involved. Same with adult. And I've sewn easy for both. Don't let it get to you. Great job! I think these pants are adorable! I'd jump for joy too. :)

    1. Thank you Lauren. I hope you're doing good now... can't wait to see what you come up with the leather.

  8. I love how you've added the peplum to the shorts, Magda. They are adorable!!! Good on you for sewing what you really wanted to. Just ignore any negative comments.


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