The Dreaming of Spring Blazer | day 2 of the Sew along

Welcome to day two of the blazer sew along. Yesterday, we have assembled our pattern, cut and tape what needed to be taped. Check day 1 here.

When we're done today, we will have the outter piece of our blazer almost done.

We will work with the main fabric and interfacing today. So start by fusing them together. You won't  have to interface two of the front center pieces. Put them aside, we'll work on them tomorrow. 

Pin and sew center and side front pieces, right sides together. Clip round seams. I didn't in the previous blazers I made, but my interfacing is too thick this time so I needed to. Press seams to the side, turn to right side and top stitch if you like to (optional and was never used in the previous blazers). Press it again if needed. 

Pin and sew center back pieces, right sides together. Turn around and press seams open.
Start pinning back sides to the center pieces, first a pin on the bottom and a pin on top. Pin along the seam, sew it and press towards the side.

Turn it to the right side. Top stitch if desired, again it's optional.
Pin front and back sides, right sides together.
Press your seams towards the back.

Pin shoulders, sew and press seams open.

Fold sleeves lenght wise, pin and sew them on the side. 
Insert sleeve (right side) into the arm hole of the blazer (wrong side towards you).
Match seams, pin all around and sew. You'll have to gather it slightly.

Clip around your sleeve seams, careful don't cut the stitches. Turn the blazer to the front side. You're done for today. 

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