The Dreaming of Spring Blazer | day 3 of the Sew Along |and a big surprise for sew alongers|

First of all, I have to apologise for taking more than expected to come back with the next steps for the construction of our blazer.

I'm going to start with the big news for everyone who sews along. Don't forget to join the flickr group and share your blazer after it's done. You have until the 30th of November, after that myself and Marta from DoGuincho will pick up our favorite one and the winner will be getting a FREE copy of Marta's first pattern: The Bubble Shorts which I have also sewn and showed here

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So let's continue...
Today we are going to repeat steps from last day using the lining this time. Sew all pieces together, close shoulders, close sleeves and attach them to body.

Then put your hands on the collar pieces. Make sure one of them is interfaced. Put both pieces right sides together and sew all around but the bottom. Clip corners, turn around and press. Fold in half and and slightly cut it or mark it any other way you want so you know where the center of the piece is. 

Time to attach it to the main fabric piece. Pin it all around the neck line and sew a stitch as close to the edge as possible. 

It's the perfect moment to attach the pockets to the blazer. When I started this pink one I had plans to use the pockets, but then my cats ruined my pocket pieces by throwing on it, so I just skipped them. But here's how to do it. 

They're easy to do when you have the right tools, but it isn't impossible to do it if you don't. Use pattern paper to mark the place where eyelets will go (after interfacing the main fabric pocket pieces) (image 20) and with a puncher (image 21) get holes done. Now, if you don't have one, just pierce with the tip of your scissors. Add the eyelets in the holes (image 22) and press them with its pliers (image 23). Again, if you don't have one, it's not the end of the world. Maybe you can do button holes instead, or just get creative!
Cut your ribbon in 4 even parts. You can slightly burn every edge on a candle light to prevent it from fraying. Insert it in one eyelet and pin at the side (image 24), do the same for the other side. You might want to pin it all in the middle right now because you'll be adding lining soon and this will prevent you from sewing unwanted ribbon in your seams (image 25). Get your pocket lining piece and pin it to the main fabric one, right sides together and sew. Leave a small opening in the bottom so you can turn your piece (image 26).

Turn pockets to the right side. Press it and pin the little opening you've left on the last step (image 27). Pin the pocket to the front of your jacket. You'll notice that the top is wider than the drawing on pattern, that's ok, this will allow you to pucker your pocket when you'll tie your ribbon. View of pockets pinned to the jacket (image 29 - sorry it's a little blurry). Stitch as close to the edge of your pocket as possible. This will close your opening (on pocket) with no other needs (image 30). View of pockets added (image 31).

We're done for today!

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