Commitments #2

Back in September I made a commitment to myself in this blog. 
Back then I said I would stop buying so many clothes for me or baby G. I made it public so I could keep up with it, even though I knew no one would come and tell me when I'd not follow my own decision. 
So, it's January now, the last year's over and so is my commitment. 

Did I buy anything? Did I keep up with it?

I think it went well. I can't say I didn't buy anything, I did, but I bought only the exceptions, as I said I would. If we really needed it!

1. A pair of winter boots for myself - but wait! shoes aren't clothes, right?
2. Two winter pajamas for baby G. 
3. A dress for the next year's winter for baby G. - and I only bought it because it was 50% off and really cheap. I bought it for next year instead of this because, she really didn't need it. 

What good come out of this? I saved! I saved a lot, of course. But I also learned to think twice, before I buy any items. I always stop to think: Do I really need it? Is it worth what I'll be paying? And usually I end up not buying a thing. And not only about the clothes, it happens with anything else I buy.

And today, I am making a new commitment to myself: Shopping my own clothes. Do you know the feeling? You have your wardrobe full of clothes and still, you find yourself complaining you have absolutely nothing to wear?! That happens a lot in here. So, all I need is to actually do something out of this clothes instead of just complaining about them, and setting them aside. 

Of course, I will be showing a lot of refashions (I hope). But for now, I have started a new dress for my baby G. I've made the pattern, and I have cut a few pieces already. I hope it won't take me too long to finish, she's been asking for too much attention, and of course, she's first thing on my list. 

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