Project Run & Play: Week 1 |Sew Along|

As I said before, I am in for the sew along of season 6. I made it for the first week, which makes me extremely happy, since I am always such a bad piece trying to keep up with dates; and am already working on the project for week number two. 

This week's challenge was The Party Remix, in which we should use The Party Dress pattern and mix it up. And this is what I created. 

My changes: 
- I made a removable peter pan collar, creating two looks for this dress. One more sofisticated for a party or special event, and a more simplier look when used without the peter pan collar. 
- Some very small lace was added to the arm holes, just to add a little touch of glamour. 
- I made a shorter band for the skirt and attached it differently from the one in the tutorial, in order to hide any stitches. And i made my skirt shorter too, the one from the tutorial was way too long - I think!
- My bottons weren't fabric covered. 
And I first thought about making it reversible, but then I was too lazy to cut another skirt piece, that's why I have that beautiful fabric as lining in the bodice. 

I really liked my project so that's a winning for me! I like the way I could make my stripes neat and symetric. 

I made it one size bigger than my daughter wears. Hers would be the 18-24 months, but I used 2T because I realised she's got too many clothes already, so from now on, most of the things I'll make for her, will be a size or two bigger. 

Still I tried it on her just for fun. And even though it was too big already, I loved to see her wearing it! and she seemed to like it too and have fun on her play kitchen. 

I wanted to show this before, but at least I am on time to go there right away and link up my project too.

Detail on the removable peter pan colar:


  1. so eye catching, love that it has 2 looks :)

  2. That turned out so cute. I love the collar!

  3. I just love the classy black and white with this dress! Great choice and well done!

  4. so cute!!!
    I can't wait to see what else you make each week!

  5. The black and whit stripe is awesome... And I love the details that give it more versatility with their removability!

  6. Love the stripes and black and white combo!

  7. I liked the detachable collar to achieve two different looks.

  8. The removable collar is a great addition. Really cute!

  9. I love this! I really wanted to do some removable collars for my girl, but I think she's a bit too little at the moment! The stripes really grabbed me, I LOVE black & white stripes!

  10. thank you all! I can't wait to show you my week two project. I'm so proud!

  11. Love the black and white stripes! The touch of black lace at the arm holes is very classy!

  12. What a great idea to add the removable Peter Pan collar, Magda!!! The dress looks great.


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