Project Run & Play: Week 4 |Sew Along|

It is fourth week on Project Run and Play. It's Love is in the Air themed week. Here's what I made:
Last friday I was so happy about myself. It was yet friday and I had most of my outfit done. Actually it was basicly done by saturday evening. Why am I sharing it only now? Well, saturday evening was actually the last time I've put my hands on it, until after lunch today, when G. started her naptime. 

All I had to do, was to hem the cardigan and add the collar to it. All the rest was pretty much done. 

So, this week, again, I went through my stash. I first thought about making a Cupid Costume for G. since we're having Carnival around here and we didn't have a costume in mind yet. But turns out she loves her sock monkey way too much and I started thinking it'd be just too cute to make her a sock monkey costume - or sort of. 

Anyway, my first thought Cupid costume was put aside, and I continued my project on another direction. 
I refashioned this week! And I am happy about it, that I'm not only using my fabric stash, I am also going through that huge pile of clothes to recycle. 

I started with daddy's sweater. I always (almost!) forget to take a before picture, and honestly there isn't much left of it after I cut it all out. 

But I used the bottom of the sweater to make a skirt and attach it to an existing shirt of hers. I only changed the original white buttons for a plain red one, and two more of the heart shaped buttons I used here. Too bad the red from the buttons isn't quite as dark as the fabric, I'd love that! Oh, and of course, I patched a big red heart on it, because I wanted to, and also because I could cover up a stain in the middle.

With the top part of the sweater, I made her a cardigan, something quite simple, but with a few lovely details. The pleat on the back, the bow and the zig-zag hem. I thought about lining this piece but I quit on the idea easily, and I think it looks good this way too. Actually it is my favourite piece of the whole outfit. 
To finish this look, I made two scraps rosettes and glued them to a hair chlip. And done!

And the next picture comes, just because I loved it!!!

Now go and check all the great creations!!!


  1. Adorable! I especially love the little bow on the back of the cardigan.

    Thanks for linking up to Refashion Friday!

  2. Thank you! That's one of my favourite things about it too. =) Thanks for hosting!!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting to Refashion Co-Op’s Refashion First Friday! Way too cute!

  4. You can't go wrong with red and white. Another fabulous refashion.


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