Project Run & Play: Week 3 |Sew Along|

Yey! I am so proud of myself. I made it through another week of the Project Run & Play sew along. This is boy's week, and at first I was really unsure whether I would sew along or just pass it this week. all because I am a mom of a girl only, and as much as I want to sew my stash, I don't want to sew just because. I want to make useful things out of my fabric. 
But then again, I am an aunt too. I am an aunt of a lovely 7 year old boy who is most of the time negleted when it comes to sewing for him. He's got a younger sister and though I've been sewing for both of them since they were born, she always got more stuff done than he did (basicly a couple of costumes). 
I made up my mind after all, and started thinking about something boy-ish. I knew I wanted to make something for Summer, something confy that he would wear on the afternoon walks in the beach (do you know, this lucky boy goes to school a road away from the beach?! that means lots of fun with teacher on beach activities!)
I present to you, my Running on the Beach outfit. It consists on a vest, linned with a polka dotted fabric, and a pair of pants with a detail on both leg edges. 

Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to get some very nice photos of it, because I went to my sister's when I finished. I tried to take a few shoots to the outfit itself before leaving, just to realise my camera was running out of battery and I could only get a few quick snaps. 
At my sister's, my nephew wore it, when he was changing to his pajama's, and we made a few shoots of him wearing it. No light, no nice backgrounds, no anything to make my outfit look better. I hope we'll get the chance to do a cool summer set on the beach as soon as it gets warm enough, it's freezing here
He's kind of a clown, so he chose his poses and everything. 

For my project I was inspired by Burda magazine. I have a special number, only with kid's clothes, so I went searching for something that would fit my first idea (summer outfit!). I found two pants I liked, but my sister didn't like the other one, so this is what I picked up. 

I used a 100% cotton fabric. It was actually a green sheet. It was light and perfect for my project. And I had just enough amont of polka dotted fabric for the linning. 

The original pants had an elastic band, but I chose to use a string instead. I used the magazine's pattern but as always I never look at its instructions (oopppsss!). Is it only me that finds Burda's instructions not easy to follow?

Here's the detail from the legs. I used brackets to hold it in place. I thought about using a white button, matching the vest's, but it was just easier going with the brackets. 

And finally, the vest, which I enjoyed making so damn much. It is by far the most perfectly finished one I've ever done, so again, I am really proud of myself. 

Did you like it? Stay tunned, there will be a tutorial soon. 

Now go see what the other talented ladies have created for this week: HERE!


  1. Loved a lot the boy's outfit, loved the green, it seems like summer already eheh... ;o)

  2. What a cute outfit! :) I cannot wait to get to summer and beach weather.

  3. What a fun outfit. I can't get enough of that lined vest. The beach sounds heavenly right now!
    Great job Momma!
    with love

  4. Thanks Jo! Yeah, I am so proud of the vest, as I said the best one so far.


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