Sew Your Stash Thin 2013

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to stop buying fabric I don't really need, and get my hands on the one I already have, since I have been buying and stashing for a few years already. I've moved a few times and it's always been pretty nasty to carry boxes and boxes of un-ending fabric. 

Anyway, this resolution, comes from 2012 too. I did work trough my stash, I did try not to buy anything else, but in the end, I did buy a few. I bought things I really needed and used right away, but I also bought things that are still waiting for the right project. 

When I saw THIS challenge, I knew I had to be in, and work harder on my resolution this time around.

Most of my stash comes from previous years, when I sewed a lot of clothes for gothic fashion shows, so I have a few velvet, satins, leather in my collection. 

Some other fabrics, came from a project I made part a while ago; the deal was: I'd sew, the other part would buy the materials. Well, it only lasted for a while and though I tried countless times to return what wasn't mine, the person acted like she didn't care that much. So, after about two years, I said enough, I will start using this fabric, so it won't take the place of other things in my house. 

Then I have all the other fabric... too much fabric, I'd say. I should measure all those pieces to follow the rules, but I confess I am too lazy to go through all that. I just share the pictures from the before, and hopefully but the end of the year I'll have a very short pile of fabric to take only single picture to (yeah, dream on, it's free!). 

These are smaller pieces and scraps. It's the most messy spots. It's three shelves from a cabinet: the first one holds lots of Burda's and other pattern magazines); the next two are over loaded with fabrics. I really need to organize them again. 

These are much bigger piles of fabric, and most organized too. 

And of course, another pile that must go. All the clothes I've been saving to refashion into something else. 
How good will it be? Only time to see!
But wish me luck, I'll try to do my very best. 
and don't forget to keep checking my projects for the Project Run & Play sew along.


  1. Glad you are joining us! Happy sewing!

  2. Thank you! It's being fun already!


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