Just in case...

... you didn't see, I am one of the 9 contestants still competing for The Sew Off. 

Thank you everyone who voted! I really needed your votes as it seems and I'm sure pretty much each single one of you who voted for me made a difference. 

My heart was shrinking as I scrolled down the page earlier today. I was seeing everyone else's but mine. When I got to number 8 I was pretty sure I didn't make it... 

But then there it was, my Dreaming of Spring outfit made it to another week. I was the last person (9th place) to make it through next's week, but it made me happy to see that I was 4th place on the judges scores. 

I'm really sorry for the 3 other ladies who had to go, especially Michele from Falafel and the Bee, forgive the other two, but hers was absolutely one of my favourites. 

Next week's theme is Home Decor. I have nothing yet but a simple idea! I had a pretty exciting one until today but I had to give up, I'd tell you why later. 


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    1. Gracias Maria. Ahora me voy a hacer la pieza para tuPeques de Cine... a ver si voy a tiempo...ufff...


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