KCW day 8 and still working...

Just like I said I would, I've worked on my WIP Kid's Clothes Week, but I couldn't blog about it, since I left to Spain. I arrived yesterday almost at midnight, so no sewing or blogging, I just went straight to bed. 
So, the reason why I am still talking about day 6 is clear now. 
I managed to put a few pieces together, cut the remaining pieces, chose my buttons (although I have changed my mind already). 

Today's the 8th and last day of the KCW, and I've been working on my piece again. There's not much left to do, since I was able to bassicaly finish the back of the dress, and I am just three stitches away from finishing the front. Then I have to put them together, add button holes and buttons, and add a fabric band... where? You'll be able to find out when I'm done. 

I just wanted to show you all this because I will try to finish it later today, but I am not sure if I will be able to, so you can see what I've done so far. 

Baby G. is napping and I don't want to wake her up with the sewing machine's noise. I can use my machine in the evening when she's sleeping, it doesn't bother her, but apparently it does when she naps. She allows me to sew a little when she's up too, so that's great. What about you, sewing mammas? When do you find the time to sew when your little ones are around?!


  1. The romper is looking great!
    I am so lucky to that my boys take a long nap! This is when I get most of my sewing done. Sometimes I will stitch away after they are in bed for the night, but I have found that my seam ripper is my best friend if I am sewing late, (that is when I tend to make stupid mistakes).

    1. Pff.. I couldn't finish =( I only added the buttons and felt too tired to do anything else. Mine naps for about 2h daily, and a while ago she would easier fall asleep to the sound of the machine, but recently she woke up twice when I tried to sew while she napped, so I am a liitle scared to wake her again and rather sew when she's up or in the evening.

  2. Hi Magda! it looks really nice!
    Luckily I can sew with the machine when my Baby naps!! But there's no way I can do something when she's awake!!
    Muchos besitos!!

    1. Thanks! I so wanted to finish it in time for the KCW, but I couln't =(
      I'm lucky that she allows me to sew when she's up too... un abrazo Ingrid!


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