KCW. Day 6 and the forgotten romper dress

I said I was done when I finished the only thing I did for the Kids Clothes Week. And I really thought I was , but it seems I just couldn't let it pass like that, when a thought came across my mind. All the way back to January, I started a new romper dress for my daughter, but then I went for the PR&P challenges, then there was Sew in Tune, the Pinterest Challenge, Sew-vivor, The Sew Off, Peques de Cine and April is ending and the romper dress was nowhere to be seen anymore. After I found it, I couldn't find the rest of the fabric - apparently I kept them separated! I spent 1h over midnight searching for it yesterday, because I really wanted to give it another try before the KCW was over. 

I'll try to do it today. Since January the only thing I did was sewing the pockets about two days ago. But later today I'll be off to spend the weekend over my parents.


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